Mola Ammer asws said, He who accepts my Wilayat superficially (without having deep knowledge and firm belief), has little reward for his deeds , (as their scale will be light, their souls will be in perdition). O Salmán! The faith (Aiman) of a believer will not attain the level of perfection unless and until he would recognise me as a Noor-the Light. When someone knows me as Noor, only then he would truly attained faith; he is the one whose heart has been tested with the true faith, whose chest (self) is dilated in true Islám and whose faith is based on discernment. Thus, he becomes an ‘Arif’-staunch believer and embraces faith with peace of mind. But that he who fell short of this cognition – he will be a doubter, immersed in disbelief.

Tariq bin Shihab asked: “O Ameer al-Momineenasws please explain the virtues of an Imam (masoom), Ameer al-Momineenasws replied:

“O Tariq, the Imam is the ‘Kalima-tul-Allah’ word of Allah; ‘Hujat-Allah the proof of Allah; Waj-Allah’ the direction to Allah; ‘Noor-Allah’ the light of Allah; ‘Hijab-Allah’ the veil of Allah and ‘Ayat-Allah’ the sign of Allah. Heasws is chosen by Allahazwj who bestows onto him whatever (qualities, perfections) Heazwj Chooses, and Makes it compulsory on all His creatures to Obey him – the Imam. Thus he is Allahazwj’s appointed ruler in the heavens and on the earth. Allahazwj has taken a covenant regarding this from all His servants. Whosoever precedes the Imamasws has denied established kingdom of Allahazwj. An Imamasws can act as he finds it appropriate, however his actions only correspond to the will of Allahazwj.

Inscribed on his upper limb is the-declaration: The words of Allahazwj are accomplished with truth and justice. For the Imamasws are both the justice and the truth. A column of light (stretching) from the earth to the sky is created for him, in which he witnesses the actions of the mankind. Heasws is enrobed in the cloak of power and dignity; he knows what is in the minds and has access to the unseen-al-ghayb; he has been entrusted with absolute power (in conducting his affairs); he beholds all that rests between the dominions of the East and the West: Nor is anything from the realms of ‘Mulk and Malakoot’ which is hidden from him; and he has the ability to communicate with the birds, who submit to hisasws Wilayah.

The Imamasws, is Fresh and sweet water for those thirsting (for knowledge & wisdom) A guide to true Guidance. The Imamasws, is ayat-e-Tathir, acquainted with mysteries of the unseen. The Imamasws, is the sun that rises over Allahazwj’s servants with its (illuminating) rays.

O Tariq, the people have abandoned him and followed their own desires and who can be more astray than the one who follows his whims without any guidance from Allahazwj. O Tariq! the Imamasws may be considered like an angel in the appearance of human being, a heavenly body, a divine command, a sacred spirit, a lofty station, a manifest light, a hidden secret. He is angelic in essence with attributes of the Divine powers, endowed with unlimited good qualities, posses the knowledge of the realms of the Unseen, specifically chosen by the Lord of the Worlds and is connected with the Truthful and Trustworthy (Rasool Allahazwj). All this is for the household of Muhammadsaww alone; nobody else can partake in this with them. This is because they are: the source of revelation and the meaning of its exposition; the elect of the Lord of Majesty; The place of Gibrael, Al-Ameen’s descent; the words of the attributes of Allahazwj; His secret and His words; the tree of Prophet hood; the source of chivalry; the essence of all opinions; the ultimate meaning and signification; the station of apostolic wisdom; the illumination of majesty in proximity to Allahazwj, and in His care the location of Allahazwj’s word; the key to his wisdom; the lamps of Allahazwj’s mercy; the well springs of His bounty; the path that leads to Allahazwj-the salsabeel-the Qistaas al Mustaqeem (the upright scale) the straight path; the remembrance (full) of wisdom; the noble face; the eternal light; possessors of honour and repute; take precedence over all noble and exalted; the successors of the noble Prophetsaww; the progeny of the compassionate and gentle (Prophetsaww); we are the progeny of one from the other, in the custody of the most High, the most Mighty- Allahazwj knows all and observes all of these. (Khutabah of Amir ul momaneenasws on Imam Bihar-ul-Anwar, Vol. 25, pg. 169)