HubeAli asws

Learning the Wilayat of Allah (azwj), Rasool Allah (saww) and the Imams (asws) from Holy Quran and the Ahadith.


Jashan-e-Nazool Pak Bibi Syeda (asws) Mubarak

On the auspicious day of the 20th of Jamadi al-Sani in Mecca, when the only daughter of holy Prophet Muhammedsaww and Pak Bibi Malika tul Arabasws was sent down to this world. Allahazwj asked His Prophetsaww to name his daughter ‘Fatimaasws’ and awarded ‘heavenly gift’ with many titles, i.e., “Leader of the pious ladies of the Worlds.” And showed the elevated status of His Prophet’s daughter to masses through revelation of many Verses of the Holy Quran.

It is narrated from Imam Hasan Askariasws: “When Allahazwj created Adamas and Eveas, they strutted through paradise and said: ‘ Who are better than us?’ At that moment they noticed an image of an innocent girl, who they had never seen before; from this little girl came an illuminating light so bright that it almost blinded their eyes. They said: ‘ O Lord, who is she? ‘ Allahazwj answered: This is an Image of Syeda Fatimaasws, the chief of righteous women among your descendants.” (Lisan Al Mizan Volume 3 page 346)

Rewards of Fasting or Giving Charity in the Month of Rajab

It is narrated from Rasool Allahsaww that when (a momin) fasts for thirty days in the month of Rajab, a Divine caller announces, O Servant of Allahazwj, as far as your previous deeds are concerned you have been pardoned for your sins, so you better focus your attention on the (enhancement of) future deeds, and Allahazwj has Blessed you with bounties of all of Paradises, which are like 40,000 cites made out of gold, each city consisting of 40,000 palaces, …….

someone asked Rasool Allahsaww, how about someone, due to weekness or illness or a lady out of impurity, is able to fast during the month of Rajab. Is there any substitute for him/her to reap these rewards? Prophetsaww replied: ‘Yes, every day donate a bread as a ‘Saddaqa’ (charity) to a ‘Masqeen’ (deprived), I say it in the name of that Who Posses my soul, when he acts this way, he would achieve these rewards which I have describes above and even more than that. Indeed, if all inhabitants of the earth and heavens would collectively strive to level those rewards which he has secured in the Paradise then they would not succeed. (Ref. Sawab ul Amaal wa Aqab ul Amaal, pp. 62, haith no. 4, Bihar ul Anwar, vol. 94, pp.31, Wasailushia, vol. 10, pp. 483, Rawzatal Waizeen, vol. 2, pp.58)

حدثنى السندي بن محمد عن ابان بن عثمان عن عبد الله سليمان قال سمعت ابا جعفر عليه السلام وعنده رجل من اهل البصرة يقال له عثمان الاعمى وهو يقول ان الحسن البصري يزعم ان الذين يكتمون العلم يؤذى ريح بطونهم اهل النار فقال أبو جعفر عليه السلام فهلك إذا مؤمن آل فرعون وما زال العلم مكتوما منذ بعث الله نوحا عليه السلام فليذهب الحسن يمينا وشمالا فوالله ما يوجد العلم اهيهنا.

It has been narrated to Al-Sanady Bin Muhammad, from Aban Bin Usman, from Abdullah Suleyman who said:

‘I heard Abu Ja’farasws, and with himasws was a man from the people of Basra saying to him, ‘Usman Al-A’amma was saying that Al-Hassan Al- Basry thinks that the ones who hide their knowledge will have such a bad smell from their stomachs, that it will hurt the inhabitants of the Fire.’ Abu Ja’farasws said: ‘He did perish, when the believer of the people of Pharaohla did not stop hiding until Allahazwj sent Noahsa. Let Al-Hassan go left and right, by Allahazwj, he will never find the knowledge except over here.’ (BASAAIR AL-DARAJAAT FI FAZAIL ALAY MOHAMMEDasws )

حدثنى محمد بن الحسين بن ابى الخطاب عن محمد بن سنان عن عمار بن مروان عن المنخل عن جابر قال قال أبو جعفر عليه السلام قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وآله ان حديث آل محمد صعب مستصعب لا يؤمن به الا ملك مقرب أو نبي مرسل أو عبد امتحن الله قلبه للايمان فما ورد عليكم من حديث آل محمد فلانت له قلوبكم وعرفتوه فاقبلوه وما اشمازت منه قلوبكم وانكرتموه فردوه إلى الله والى الرسول والى العالم من آل محمد و انما الهالك ان يحدث احدكم بشئ منه لا يحتمله فيقول والله ماكان هذا ثلثا

Narrated to me Muhammad Bin Al-Husayn Bin Abu Al-Khataab, from Muhammad Bin Sinan, from Amaar Bin Marwaan, from Al-Munkhal, from Jabir who said: ‘Abu Ja’farasws said that the Messenger of Allahsaww said: ‘The Hadeeth of the Progenyasws of Muhammadsaww are difficult, no one will believe in them except an Angel of Proximity, or a ‘Mursil’ Prophetas, or a servant whose heart has been tested for faith. As for what comes to you from the Hadeeth of the Progenyasws of Muhammadsaww, soften your hearts and understand it, accept it, and do not be disgusted by your hearts and reject them, (if unsure) refer them back to Allahazwj and to the Messengersaww and to the knowledgeable one from the Progenyasws of Muhammadsaww. And he will (certainly) be destroyed, the one who narrated from that which he has not been able to bear, and who says, ‘By Allahazwj this was not it, this was not it, this was not it.’ (BASAAIR AL-DARAJAAT FI FAZAIL ALAY MOHAMMEDasws )