HubeAli asws

Learning the Wilayat of Allah (azwj), Rasool Allah (saww) and the Imams (asws) from Holy Quran and the Ahadith.

Ya Hussain asws Ya Hussain asws


Mola Imam Jafar-e-Sadiq (asws) said to one of his companions Moawiya bin Wahab, Be aware! Never ever give up Ziarat-e-Imam Hussain (asws), There are so many more in the skies, as compared to inhabitants of the earth, who pray on behalf of all those who visit the shrine of Imam (Hussain asws). I warn you! Never ever abandon our Ziarat for any kind of fear/threat. Whoever would shy away from performing our Ziarat will regret on the final day of judgement and proclaim, alas! I would have stayed near the grave of Imam Hussain (asws) until my very last breath. Don’t you wish to be among those who are in the prayers of Rasoll Allah (saww), Mola Ali (asws), Syeda Fatimah (asws) and Masoom Imams (asws)? Don’t you like to be among those who would be welcome and greeted by the angles on the doomsday? Don’t you want to be among those who would have no sins to their accounts on the final day of judgement? Don’t you wish to be among those who will be welcome by Rasool Allah (saww) in the hereafter.

Imam Jafar-e-Sadiq (asws) said, The owls used to take only developed structures as abodes but when Imam Hussain (asws) was killed, they refused to stay in developed structures and refused to take anything but wreckages as abodes. Verily the owls always fast during the day and they are grieved until nightfall. At night they chant in grief over Imam Hussain (asws). until morning. (Kamil Al-Ziyarat, Ch31, H4)