Al-Abbas-asws Ibn Ali-asws Ibn Abi Talib-asws

(Imam Ali-asws Ibn Hussain-asws says) “May Allah have mercy upon my uncle, Al-Abbas-asws. “May Allah have mercy upon my uncle, Al-Abbas-asws.

He-asws preferred his brother-asws to himself-asws, did well, and sacrificed himself-asws for his brother until he-asws lost his two hands for sake of such. Thus, Allah-azwj, instead of his two (severed) hands, will give him two wings with which he will fly with the angels in Paradise, just like Ja’far-asws ibn Abi-Talib-asws. In the sight of Allah-azwj the Blessed the Exalted, Al-Abbas-asws enjoys a peculiar rank for which all the martyrs will hope if they had its like on the day of Resurrection.” said Imam Zainul Abideen-asws[1]

Mola Abbas-asws was specially sent to this world to assist Imam Hussain-asws in Karbala. Syeda Fatima-asws gave Mola the name ‘Abbas’ (Al-Abbas: the lion that other lions fear and escape) and acknowledged him as her own son while crying at the ordeal of Karbala. The attributes of Mola Ali-asws are also well reflected in Ghazi-asws, the bravery, patience, zeal and courage. The position of Hazrat Abbas-asws with Imam Hussain-asws is similar to that of Imam Ali-asws with the Holy Prophet Mohammed-saww. The Lion of Haider could have single handily wiped out the large army of Yazid-la and sent them to the hell-fire for their audacity to deprive water from reaching the grandson of the Holy Prophet-saww. But with the order of Imam Hussain-asws, Mola Abbas-asws restrained from doing so and prepared himself for the grand sacrifice on the Day of Ashura.

Mola Abbas-asws has following titles (kuniyat): Abul-Fadl, Abul-Qasim, Abu-Qarba (The owner of the skin of water‎), as-Saqqa (The Provider of Water‎), Babul-Hawaij (The gateway to fulfilment of needs‎), Alamdar (The Standard Bearer) and also generally known as Qamar-e-Bani Hasim (the Moon of Bani Hashim Tribe). It is narrated that Imam as-Sadiq-asws ran to visit the tomb of Mola Abbas-asws after visiting the tombs of Imam Hussain-asws, along with his family, and companions. Imam Sadiq-asws said: “Our uncle Abbas-asws, the son of Ali-asws, had achieved indescribable ‘Marifat’ (insight) and a firm faith”.[2]

Mola Abbas-asws was bestowed unto Bibi Uml-Baneen-asws and Ali-asws ibne AbiTalib-asws on 4th Shabaan 26Hijri. It is narrated that Mola Abbas-asws opened his eyes only when Imam Hussain-asws took him in his lap and as per the tradition of Masomeen-asws, Imam Hussain-asws  let Mola Abbas-asws suckle his holy tongue as his first nutrition.

Once Uml-Baneen-asws saw Imam Ali-asws had Mola Abbas-asws in his lap and Imaam-asws was kissing Mola Abbas-asws‘s arms and shedding tears. Observing this, Bibi-asws asked  why is he shedding tears by looking at Mola Abbas-asws‘s arms. Imam Ali-asws foretold her about the future of her baby and what would happen to his hands (in Karbala). Uml-Baneen-asws, as well as the others, wept profusely. After that, the Imam told her about her baby’s great position with God-azwj, and this relieved her.[3]

Mola Abbas-asws always considered his brother Imam Hussain-asws to be his master and never appreciated anyone to serve Imam Hussain-asws but himself. Once at the Mosque of Kufa, Mola Ali-asws, Imam Hussain-asws, Mola Abbas-asws were present along with slave Qambar. Imam Hussain-asws asked Qambar to fetch some water because he was thirsty. Mola Abbas-asws stopped Qambar and said, “I will bring the water for my master myself.” Mola Abbass-asws was too young at that time. In an attempt to bring back water as quickly as possible, Abbas-asws trickled some of water on his own clothes. When Mola Ali-asws saw this tears rolled down his cheeks. When he was asked why was he crying? Amir-ul-Momaneen-asws said, “Abbas-asws! Who has today wetted his clothes with water in his zeal to quench the thirst of his brother Hussain-asws, one day his whole body will be soaked in his own blood while attempting to quench the thirst of Hussain-asws‘s children”

Mola Abbas-asws learned the art of war from his father Ali-asws and his eldest brother Hassan-asws who were two of the most skilful warriors and military strategists in world history. During the battle of siffeen, Abbas-asws ibne Ali-asws had the chance to prove his Hashmitie valour in its full glory. When Mola Abbas-asws entered the battle field along side Imam Hussain-asws, he covered his face. Many companions of Imam Ali-asws have narrated that when Mola-asws entered the battlefield it seemed like a lightening strike. All that Muawiya-la‘s soldiers could see was a rider holding a lance, ramming through their defences, unleashing hell on them. Observing this, Muawiya-la asked Ibn-Shafa-la to go and fight this warrior. Ibn-Shafa-la said people consider me equivalent to ten thousand Syrian soldiers, I will send my son to handle him. He sent his seven sons one by one to fight this unknown warrior, all of whom ended up into a stockpile of human debris. Eventually when he entered the battlefield himself, his false pride was shattered by the might of the Lion of Bani- Hashim. Companions of Muawiya-la thought the warrior could not be anyone else but Ali-asws and were all reluctant to face the wrath of Allah-azwj and meet instant death. It was only when Mola Abbas-asws removed his veil and Mola Ali-asws introduced him as: “He is Abbas-asws, Qamar-e-Bani Hasim (the Moon of Bani Hashim Tribe)”, only then people found out it was none other than the true heir of the valour of ‘Asad-ullah-e-ghalib’ (Lion of Allah-azwj).[4]

After the cursed act of ibn-Muljim-la, Imam Ali-asws at his last moments in this World gave everyone’s hands in the hand of Imam Hassan-asws except for Mola Abbas-asws. Bibi Uml-Baneen-asws requested Imam Ali-asws if Mola Abbas-asws has done anything wrong and why he has been left out, please put Abbas’s hand in the hand of Imam Hassan-asws. Upon hearing this, eyes of Mola Ali-asws ‘s eyes got filled with tears and he called Imam Hussain-asws  and Mola Abbas-asws near him and gave Mola’s hand in the hand of Imam Hussain-asws and said “I give him (Abbas-asws) in your guardianship and he is your slave” and then said to Mola Abbas-asws “My Son, he (Hussain-asws) is your Lord and his companionship and support is your first obligation. When he is surrounded by enemies of God-azw in Karbala, you shall help and support him”.

When Shimr-la the cursed, came to offer Mola Abbas-asws protection and riches provided he-asws desert the camp of Imam-asws, the son of Ali-asws responded in the following manner:

“You worshipper of Mammon, do not think that Abbas-asws will be lured by your tempting offer of power and wealth. If I die in fending my master, Hussain, I shall consider myself the luckiest person. O coward, remember that warriors die but once. Nobody is born to live eternally. By betraying my master, you have betrayed the Prophet-saww, whose religion you profess to follow. On the Day of Judgement you will be doomed to eternal perdition. I am ashamed to own any relationship with you. Had it not been for the fact that you have come here unarmed, I would have given you the chastisement you deserve for your impudence in asking me to become a turncoat.”

Such emotion and courage from Abbas-asws provided comfort to the women and children of the Ahlul-bayt-asws. Mola Abbas’s-asws  martyrdom is also unique, Mola-asws was given a torn spade with the instructions to avoid fight as much as possible and confine himself to the task of bringing water for the children. Hazrat Abbas-asws liberated the Euphrates, while coming back with water, the coward enemy started shooting arrows from all directions. Finally, Mola-asws embraced shahadat (martyrdom) upon receiving a mortal blow with an iron mace on his head. The last hope and the standard bearer of Imam Hussain-asws, came down to the ground only after loosing both hands while trying to save water carafe and the standard. The replica of Mola’s standard, is a sign of our alliance to Imam-asws of our time, for our commitment to follow the example of Mola Abbas-asws. The Ghazi – The Faithful.

In ziarat-e-nahiya Imam Mehdi-ajfj says:

“Salaam be upon Abu’l-Fadl Al-Abbas, son of Amir ul-Mu’minin. He preferred his brother to himself, supplied himself with (opportunities of) today for (rewards of) tomorrow, sacrificed himself for his brother, protected him, hurried for fetching him water, and his two hands were cut (for such). Allah curse his killers; Yazid ibn ar-Raqqad and Hukaim ibn at-Tuffail at-Taee…”

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