Imam-asws Musa Ibn Jafar-asws Ibn Muhammad-asws Ibn Ali-asws

Imam-asws Musa Ibn Jafar-asws Ibn Muhammad-asws Ibn Ali-asws‘s Kuniya is Abu Al-Hassan-asws

Imam Abu Al-Hassan-asws’s ‘Nazool’ is in the year 128 A.H (on the 7th of Safar). Our 7th Imam-asws was martyred on the 25th of Rajab in the month of Rajab in the year 183 A.H, at the age of fifty-five in Baghdad in the prison of Al-Sindi Ibn Shahik – in his prison the Imam-asws was martyred. Our 7th Imam-asws was buried in Baghdad in the graveyard of Quraysh.

The narrator has said: When Imam Abu Al-Hassan Musa-asws was brought before al-Mahdi (an Abbasid ruler) the first time he-asws was accommodated in Zabala and the narrator  talked to the Imam-asws. The Imam-asws found him too depressed and asked: ‘O Abu Khalid, why is it that I-asws see you depressed?’ He asked: ‘How can I be not depressed when you-asws are being taken to this transgressor and I do not know what will happen to you-asws?’

Imam Musa-e-Kazim-asws said: ‘I-asws will be safe now but (come to visit me-asws) in such and such month and day. Come to meet me at about a mile’s distance.’ The narrator was relieved and started counting the months as the days passed by until that particular day arrived. He then went up to a mile’s distance and spent the day there until it was almost Sunset. Suddenly, Satan caused temptations to his heart and he began doubting in what the Imam-asws had said.

At this point, he saw figures coming from the direction of Iraq. He went to meet them and Imam Abu Al-Hassan-asws was in front of them on a mule. He-asws asked: ‘Is it you O abu Khalid?’ The narrator said: ‘Yes, O great, great, great grandson of the Rasool Allah-saww.’ The Imam-asws said: ‘Do not doubt; Satan loves that you have doubts.’ The narrator then said: ‘Thanks to Allah-azwj Who saved you-asws from them.’ Imam-asws said: ‘I will soon been taken by them again from which I-asws will not be spared (will be martyred).’[1]

A Story of a Monk and a Nun:

Once, the narrator was in the presence of Imam Musa-e-Kazim-asws, when a monk and a nun, from the people of Najran, Yemen, came to see him-asws. Al-Fadl Ibn Sawwar sought permission for them and the Imam-asws said: ‘Tomorrow bring them to the well of ‘Umm Khayr.’

The narrator has said: ‘On the next day we went to see him-asws and we found the people (the monk and the nun) there also. The Imam-asws ordered to spread a mat that was made of palm tree fibres. He-asws then sat down on it and they also sat down with the Imam-asws. The nun began asking questions. She asked many questions. The Imam-asws answered them all.  Imam Musa-e-Kazim-asws asked her certain questions but she could not answer them. She then accepted Islam. The monk then began to ask questions and the Imam-asws answered whatever he asked. The monk then said: “I was very strong in my religion and no one of the Christians was as knowledgeable as I. I heard from a man from India who told me about the ‘one’ who could go for pilgrimage to the Holy House in one day and one night and then go back to his home.” I asked: “Where did he live?” I was told that he lived in Sibdhan.

The one who informed me about him said that he knew the knowledge which was with Asif (Barkhiya) an assistant of the Prophet Solomon-as, (with the help of that knowledge) he brought the throne of (Queen) Sheba (from another country) and placed it in front of Prophet Solomon-as (in a flash). “He-as (Asif Barkhiya) is the one whom Allah-azwj has Mentioned in your Book (Holy Quran) and in the books of the followers of the Bible.”

‘Imam Musa-e-Kazim-asws then asked (the monk): “How many are the names of Allah-azwj that if one asks through those, one’s prayers are answered?” The monk said: “They are many but the ones with perfect effects that do not leave the person invoking them without the desired results are seven.” Imam Musa-e-Kazim-asws asked him: “Tell of whichever that you know.” The monk said: “I swear by Allah-azwj, who has sent the Torah to Moses-as and has made Jesus to be a lesson for the worlds and a trial for the thankfulness of the people of reason. (I swear by Allah-azwj), Who has Made Muhammad-saww to be a blessing and mercy and has made Ali-asws a lesson and the source of understanding, Who has made the executors of his-saww will from his descendants and the descendants-asws of Muhammad-saww that I do not know. Had I known them you-asws would not have to ask me, I would not have to come to you-asws and would not have asked you-asws questions.”

‘The monk then asked him many questions. The Imam-asws answered them all. He-asws asked the monk certain questions, which he could not answer but the Imam-asws himself answered them for him. The monk then said: “Tell me of the eight letters (code words) that were revealed – out of which four letters were shown on earth and the other four remained in space. To whom those four letters that remained in space were sent? Who will interpret them?”

‘The Imam-asws then said: “He-asws will be our al-Qa’im-asws[2]. Allah-azwj will Send them to him-asws and he-asws will interpret them. He-azwj will Send to him-asws what has not even been sent to the truthful ones, the messengers and the rightly guided ones-asws.”

‘Then the monk said: “Tell me about the two of the four that were sent to Earth. What are they?’ The Imam-asws said, ‘I will tell you about all four. The first one was, No one deserves to be worshipped and obeyed except Allah-azwj Who is One and has no partners and that He-azwj is Eternal. The second (testimony) was that Muhammad-saww is Rasool Allah-azwj without doubt. The third one (testimony) was regarding (submission to) us-asws – the Ahl Al-Bayt-asws [3].

The fourth one (testimony) was our Shi’a (followers) who are from us-asws and we-asws are from Rasool Allah-saww and Rasool Allah-saww is from Allah-azwj through a means.”

‘The monk then said: “I testify that no one deserves to be worshipped and obeyed except Allah-azwj, that Muhammad-saww is Rasool Allah-saww, that whatever he brought from Allah-azwj is true, that you, Ahl Al-Bayt-asws are the Chosen ones of Allah-azwj from His-azwj creatures and that your Shi’a are pure who are the replacement (of those who oppose you-asws). They will have the good end. All thanks are due to Allah-azwj, Lord of the worlds.”

‘Imam Musa-e-Kazim-asws called to bring for him a gown, a shirt made in Gha’in Khurasan, a scarf, a pair of shoes and a hat. He-asws gave them to him, prayed the noontime prayer and asked him to be circumcised (if he hadn’t already). He said it had already been done when he was seven years old.[4]

The Story of the Dead Cow:

Imam Musa-e-Kazim-asws once passed by a woman in Mina who was weeping and her children around her were also weeping because her cow had died. The Imam-asws went close to her and asked: ‘What has caused you to weep, O slave of Allah-saww?’ She said: ‘O servant of Allah-azwj, My children are orphans, our cow which was the only means of our living has died and we are left without any means of living.’

Imam Musa-e-Kazim-asws asked: ‘Will you be happy if I-asws will bring your cow back to life?’ She was just inspired to say: ‘Yes, O servant of Allah-asws I will be very happy.’

Imam Musa-e-Kazim-asws stepped aside and said two Rak’at prayers. He-asws then raised his hands and gently moved his lips. He-asws then stood up and called the cow to get up. He pushed the cow with his foot and it stood up straight. When the woman looked at the cow she cried and said: ‘Jesus-as, the son of Mary-as, I swear by the Lord-azwj of the Ka’bah (he-asws is Jesus).’ (It was famous at that time only Jesus-as would bring back to life the dead ones so she also thought like that).  Many people gathered around but the Imam-asws disappeared among them and went (out of their sight).[5]

The Shahadat of 7th Imam-asws and burial by 8th Imam-asws:

The narrator of the Hadith says that when Harun Ar-Rashid got worried about the noble characteristics of Musa-asws Ibn Ja’far-asws and the news he received from the followers of Imam Musa-asws Ibn Ja’far-asws regarding his-asws Divine Leadership, and their secret associations with him-asws in the daytime and at night, Harun got worried for himself and his rule.

Then he thought of killing the 7th Imam-asws with poison. Then Harun asked for some dates and ate some. Then he placed twenty dates on a tray, dipped a piece of thread in poison, and placed the date on a needle. He then thoroughly poisoned one of the dates with that thread until he was sure that the poison has penetrated it.

Harun did this several times and then placed the date among the other dates. He called in his servant and told him: “Take this tray of dates to Musa-asws Ibn Ja’far-asws and tell him-asws: “I have eaten dates, and have left some for you-asws. Please I beg you-asws to eat them all since I have handpicked them for you-asws myself.”’

Harun also told the servant to make sure that no dates were left and that no one else should eat any of the dates. The servant delivered the dates and the message. The Imam-asws said: ‘Bring me some toothpicks.’ The servant brought him-asws toothpicks and stood in front of him-asws while the Imam-asws ate dates. Harun Ar-Rashid had a female dog which was very dear to him. The dog exerted an effort to free itself from the golden chains and jewels and went to Imam Musa Ibn Ja’far-asws. The Imam-asws put the poisoned date on the toothpick and threw it for the dog. The dog ate the date and immediately fell down on the ground and died while its meat was falling off its bones piece by piece.

The Imam-asws ate the rest of the dates. The servant took the tray back to Ar-Rashid. Harun asked him: ‘Did he-asws eat all the dates?’ The servant said: ‘O commander of the faithful (Harun)! Yes.’ Harun asked: ‘How did you find him-asws?’ The servant said: ‘O commander of the faithful! I saw nothing wrong with him-asws.’

Then the news of the female dog and how it had fallen down with its meat being separated from its bones piece by piece and its death reached Harun. This was hard on him. He went to see the dog. He saw how the dog’s meat had separated from its bones and died. He called in the servant, asked for a sword and a rug. He told the servant: ‘Tell me the truth about the dates or I will kill you.’

The servant said: ‘O commander of the faithful! I delivered the dates to Musa-asws Ibn Ja’far-asws and delivered your greetings to him-asws and stood right in front of him-asws. He asked me for a toothpick. I brought him-asws one. He put the toothpick into the dates and ate them one by one. Then the dog came there. He-asws placed the tooth pick in one of the dates and threw it for the dog. The dog ate it. He-asws continued eating the rest of the dates. O commander of the faithful! Then what you see happened.’ Harun Ar-Rashid said: ‘We did not gain any benefits from (trying to poison) Musa-asws. We fed him-asws the best of our dates, wasted our poison and got our dog killed. There is no solution for Musa Ibn Ja’far.’

Then our Master Musa-asws called in Mosayyab three days before his-asws death. Mosayyab was his prison guard. The Imam-asws said: ‘O Mosayyab!’ He said: ‘Yes, my Master?’ The Imam-asws said: ‘I will be going to Medina, the town of my grandfather (i.e. Rasool Allah-saww), in order to instruct my son Ali Al-Reza-asws according to what my-asws father-asws had instructed me-asws to do, and establish him-asws as my-asws Trustee and Successor, and deliver my-asws orders to him-asws.’

Mosayyab said: ‘O my Master! How do you order me to open the doors for you while there are also other prison guards with me?’ The Imam-asws said: ‘O Mosayyab! Your belief in the Honourable the Exalted God-azwj regarding us-asws is weak.’ He said: ‘No, my Master-asws!’ The Imam-asws said: ‘Then wait.’ He said: ‘O my Master-asws! Please pray for me to get more firmly established in faith.’

Then the Imam-asws said: ‘I invoke the Honourable the Exalted God-azwj by His Great Name – by which Asif had invoked Him-azwj, and magically brought Bilquees’ (queen of Saba’s) Throne there and placed it in front of Solomon-as before the wink of an eye – to bring me (Al-Kazim) and my son Ali Al-Reza-asws together in Medina.’ Mosayyab then heard Imam Al-Kazim-asws pray and suddenly he-asws was no longer where he-asws was standing to pray.

As he was standing there, he saw him-asws reappear there again, and tied the chains to his-asws own feet. At that time he fell in prostration to God-azwj to thank Him-azwj for this Divine Knowledge, i.e. the recognition of the Divine Leader. Imam Al-Kazim-asws told: ‘O Mosayyab! Raise your head. Beware that I will depart to the Honourable the Exalted God-azwj three days from now.’

Mosayyab then cried. The Imam-asws told him: ‘O Mosayyab! Do not cry. My son Ali-asws (Al-Reza) is your Divine Leader, and your next Master-asws! Therefore, adhere to his-asws Mastery since you will never be at a loss as long as you are with him-asws.’ He said: ‘Praise be to God-azwj.’ Then Imam Al-Kazim-asws called him on the night of the third day and told him: ‘It is time for me to go to the Honourable the Exalted God-azwj. When I ask you for water and drink it, you will see that my stomach gets bloated and swollen. My colour will turn yellow, red and green. It will turn into different colours. Then inform that oppressor (Harun) about my-asws death. When you see me that way, do not inform anyone else. Also do not tell the one who will come to me-asws until after I die.’

Mosayyab was constantly watching Imam Al-Kazim-asws until he-asws called him and asked for some water and drank it. Then he-asws called him and said: ‘O Mosayyab! This wicked As-Sindi Ibn Shahak thinks that after I pass away, he will take charge of performing the ritual ablutions for me himself. No. This will never be the case. When they take me to the cemetery known as the Quraysh cemetery, bury me there. Do not raise my tomb higher than four opened fingers. And do not take any of the dirt from my tomb to be blessed by, since the dirt from the tombs of all of us is forbidden except for that of my grandfather – Al-Hussain-asws Ibn Ali-asws which the Sublime God-azwj has established as a means of healing for our followers and friends.’

Mosayyab then saw someone who looked very much like the Imam-asws sitting next to him-asws. He had seen Imam Al-Reza-asws when he-asws was young. wanted to ask him-asws questions but our Master Imam Musa-asws asked: ‘O Mosayyab! Did I not admonish you before?’ He kept waiting until the Imam-asws perished, and that person disappeared. Then he informed Harun Ar-Rashid. As-Sindi Ibn Shahak came. saw that they thought they were performing the major ritual ablutions for the dead, but their hands could not reach him. They thought they were placing the embalmment on him-asws and shrouding him-asws, but they could not do anything for him-asws. It was that person-asws who was placing the embalmment on him-asws and shrouding him-asws. They could see him-asws, but could not tell who he-asws was. They pretended that he-asws was just helping them. When that person-asws got finished he-asws told Mosayyab: ‘If you had any doubts about me-asws, be no longer in doubt. I-asws am your Divine Leader, your Master, and God-azwj’s Proof for you after my-asws father-asws. O Mosayyab! The example of me is like that of the honest Joseph-as. Their example is like that of Joseph-as’s brothers who came to him. Joseph-as knew them but they could not recognise him-as.’

Then they carried the 7th Imam-asws and buried him-asws in the cemetery of the Quraysh, and did not raise his-asws tomb more than he-asws had ordered it to be raised. The tomb was raised later, and a building was constructed over it.[6]

The formation of Waqafi Sect after 7th Imam-asws

The ‘Waqifites’ or ‘Waqifa’ are a ‘break-away’ sect from the twelve Imami Shias, they believe in the seven Imams – Imam Musa Al-Kazim-asws being their last Imam-asws and they refer to him-asws as the ‘Al-Qa’im-asws’ and consider him-asws to be in the second occultation (Ghayba – they also believe in two Ghayba).  They deny the Divine Leadership of Imam Al-Reza-asws as well as the other Imams – who have come after him-asws.

Waqifites emerged during the time of 8th Imam (Ali-asws Ibn Musa Al-Reza-asws) – about 183 A.H., just after the martyrdom of Imam Musa Al-Kazim-asws – so they were formed a long time ago. Several of the twelve Imami Ahadith compilers have given the reasons behind the emergence of the ‘Waqifites’, and have provided refutations based on Ahadith.

In a Hadith, the narrator says: Uthman ibn Isa Ar-Ravasay was one of the representatives (of Imam Al-Kazim-asws who lived in Egypt. A lot of (Imam Al-Kazim-asws’s) property and six slave maids were in his possession. Abul Hassan Al-Reza-asws sent someone to him and asked him to return the slave maids and the property. Uthman ibn Isa Ar-Rawasi wrote a letter in response and said, ‘Your father-asws has not died yet.’ Imam Al-Reza-asws wrote a letter to him and said, ‘My father-asws has passed away and we have divided up his-asws possessions. There is correct news to confirm his-asws death.’ Imam Al-Reza-asws presented some proofs. Uthman wrote to him-asws in reply, ‘If your father-asws is alive, you have no rights over his property. If he-asws has died as you-asws say, he-asws has not given me any orders to dispose of these possessions to you-asws. I freed the slave maids and married them (An extract).”[7]

Bequest of the 7th Imam-asws

‘Abu Ibrahim Musa-asws Bin Ja’far-asws, his-asws bequest was witnessed upon by Is’haq son of Ja’far-asws Bin Muhammad-asws, and Ibrahim Muhammad Al-Ja’fary, and Ja’far Bin Salih, and Muawiya Al-Ja’fary, and Yahya Bin Al-Husayn Bin Zayd, and Sa’ad Bin Imran Al-Ansary Al-Ansary, and Muhammad Bin Al-Haris Al-Ansary, and Yazeed Bin Saleyr Al-Ansary, and Muhammad Ja’far Al-Aslamy.

After having them witness, he-asws testified: ‘There is no god except Allah-azwj Alone, there being no associates for Him-azwj, and that Muhammad-asws is His-azwj servant and His-azwj Rasool-saww, And the Hour is coming, there is no doubt in it, and that Allah will Resurrect the ones in the graves [22:7], and that the Resurrection after the death is true, and that the Reckoning and the retaliation are true, and that the pausing in front of Allah-azwj Mighty and Majestic is true, and that whatever Muhammad-saww had come with was true, true, true, and that whatever the Trustworthy Spirit had descended with was true, and upon it I-asws am dying, and upon it I-asws shall be Resurrected, if Allah-azwj so Desires.

I-asws keep them as witnesses that this is my-asws bequest in my-asws handwriting, and I-asws have copied a bequest of my-asws grandfather-asws Amir Al-Momineen-asws, and bequests of Al-Hassan-asws and Al-Husayn-asws, and Ali-asws Bin Al-Husayn-asws, and bequest of Muhammad-asws Bin Ali-asws, and bequest of Ja’far-asws Bin Muhammad-asws before that, word by word.

And I-asws bequeath with it to my-asws son-asws Ali-asws, and my-asws sons after him-asws, if Allah-azwj so Desires, and I-asws discern (recognise) rightful guidance from them, and I-asws love their acknowledgment. So that is for him-asws, and even if he-asws dislikes them and loves to expel them, that is up to him-asws, and there is no command for them along with him-asws.

And I-asws bequeath to him-asws with my-asws charities, and my-asws wealth, and my-asws children, those I-asws am leaving behind, and my-asws children, and to Ibrahim, and Al-Abbas, and Ismail, and Ahmad, and Umm Ahmad. And to Ali-asws are (affairs of) my-asws wives besides them, and a third of the charities of my-asws father-asws and my-asws family.

He-asws can place it wherever he views fit and make from it what he-asws makes the one with the one in his wealth. If he-asws likes he can allow what I-asws have mentioned regarding my-asws dependants, so that is up to him-asws. And if he dislikes it, so that is up to him-asws. And if he-asws likes, he-asws can sell, or gift, or separate it, or donate it upon other than I-asws am bequeathing, so that is up to him-asws, and he-asws is (like) me-asws in my-asws bequest, regarding my-asws wealth, and regarding my-asws family members and my-asws children.

And if he-asws views fit, to endorse his-asws brothers, those whom I-asws have mentioned them in the beginning of this letter of mine, he-asws can endorse them, and if he-asws dislikes it, for him-asws is to expel them without repulsion upon it. And if a man from them (relatives) wants to marry his-asws sister (my-asws daughter so he-asws is the Guardian of my-asws daughters), then it isn’t for him to marry her except by his-asws permission and his-asws instructions.

And whichever authority (person) uncovers him-asws from something, or hinders between him-asws and anything from what I-asws have mentioned in my-asws letter, so he (that person) is disavowed from Allah-azwj the Exalted and from His-azwj Rasool-saww, and Allah-azwj and His-azwj Rasool-saww are disavowed from him (that person), and upon him is the Curse of Allah-azwj, and curses of the cursing ones, and the Angels of Proximity, and the Prophets-as and the Messengers-as altogether, and a group of the Momineen.

And it isn’t for anyone from the authorities that he uncovers from anything of mine-asws with him-asws, from chattels, nor is it for anyone from my-asws children, and there is wealth for me-asws with him, and he is ratified regarding when he mentions, from its extent, even if it is less and more, so he is to be ratified.

And rather, I wanted the inclusion of the ones I-asws from my-asws sons with him-asws, indication by their names, and my-asws young children, and mothers of my-asws children. One from them who stays in her house and in her veil, for her would be whatever had been flowing to her during my-asws lifetime if he-asws wants that. And the one from them who exits to a husband, it isn’t for her that she returns to my-asws treasurer except if Ali-asws deems that proper.

And no one from my-asws daughters get married, and from their mothers, nor is there any authority, nor can it be worked for them except by his-asws view and his-asws consultation. If they were to do that, so they would have opposed Allah-azwj the Exalted and His-azwj Rasool-saww, and they would have rejected Him-azwj regarding His-azwj Kingdom, and he-asws is more knowing with the marriages of his-asws people, if he-asws wants to get them married, he-asws will get them married, and if he-asws wants to leave, then she would be left. I-asws have bequeathed them with similar to what I-asws am mentioning, in the beginning of my-asws letter, and I-asws keep Allah-azwj as Witness upon them.

And it isn’t for anyone that he uncovers my-asws bequest, nor publicise it, and it is upon what I-asws have mentioned and named. So, the one who is evil, it would be against him, and one who is good, it is for himself, and your Lord-azwj is not the least unjust to the servants.

And there isn’t any authority for anyone, nor for anyone else that he breaks open my-asws letter which I-asws am sealing upon below. The one who does that, upon him is the Curse of Allah-azwj and His-azwj Wrath, and the Angels after that are the backers, and a group of Muslims and the Momineen’. And Musa-asws Bin Ja’far-asws sealed, and (so did) the witnesses.

Abdullah Bin Muhammad Al-Ja’fary said, ‘Al-Abbas son of Musa-asws said to Ibn Imran the judge, ‘The bottom part of this letter is a treasure for us and jewels. He-asws wants to hold it besides us, and our father-asws did not leave out anything except he-asws made it to be for him-asws and left us destitute’.

Ibrahim Bin Muhammad Al-Ja’fary leapt upon him and made him hear. And Is’haq son of Ja’far-asws leapt to him and did with him similar to that. Al-Abbas said to the judge, ‘May Allah-azwj Keep you well! Break the seal and read what is beneath it!’ He said, ‘I will not break it. Your father-asws’s curse will not be upon me’. Al-Abbas said, ‘I shall break it!’ He said, ‘That is up to you’.

Al-Abbas broke the seal, and there in it was their expulsion from the bequest and the acknowledgment of Ali-asws alone, and his-asws including them in the governance of Ali-asws, whether they like it, or dislike it, or become like orphans in his-asws lap, and he-asws had expelled them from the limit of charities and mentioned it.

Then Ali-asws Bin Musa-asws turned to Al-Abbas and said, ‘O my-asws brother! I know that rather what had carried you upon doing this are the creditors and the debts which are upon you all. Go, O Sa’ad, and pinpoint for me-asws what (debts are) upon them and I-asws shall pay it off on their behalf and take their mentioned rights and take the receipt for them. No, by Allah-azwj! I-asws will not leave consoling you all and be righteous to you, for as long as I-asws am walking upon the surface of the earth. Speak whatever you like’.

Al-Abbas said, ‘You-asws are not giving us except from the surplus (remnants) of our wealth, and what is for us, in your-asws possession, is more!’

He said, ‘Speak whatever you like to, for the offer is your offer. O Allah-azwj! Correct them and Correct with them! And the Satan-la is mischievous from us and them and Assist them upon obeying You-azwj!’ And Allah-azwj is a Protector upon what we are saying’.

Al-Abbas said, ‘You-asws did not recognise me with your-asws tongue, and there is no clay with me for your anointing (a metaphor)’. Then the group dispersed’’.[8]

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