Amr bil Ma’rūf Wa Nahy Anil Munkar

And Allah(azwj) Revealed unto Jibraeel(as), sometime in the past, and Ordered him(as) to bury a
city containing infidels and mischief-makers. Jibraeel(as) said: ‘O Lord(azwj)! Bury along with
them that particular ascetic by whom the Order of Allah(azwj) is known?’ Allah(azwj) the Almighty
Said: ‘In fact, bury him before the others’. He(as) asked the Lord(azwj): ‘O Lord(azwj)! I do not know
him to be like that, and he is an ascetic worshipper?’Allah(azwj) Said: ‘He had the ability to enjoin
the good and forbid the evil, and was overwhelmed in his love for them over My(azwj) anger to
them (so did not stop them from evil)’.

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