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In 2003, Autodesk started the AutoCAD R&D lab. It’s primary objective is to develop new products that will enhance the AutoCAD product line. This web site will serve as a repository for information about the lab’s activities.

AutoCAD is one of a suite of AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT, and AutoCAD Architecture products. AutoCAD can be used to create any of the following: architecture and structural design, engineering design, mapping, graphic production, documentation, and other types of projects.

AutoCAD is used for both small and large projects. Large projects may use AutoCAD R&D software internally or externally. Autodesk has been a software innovator and market leader in the field of CAD/CAM for over two decades.

Autodesk’s groundbreaking technology allows the user to “think in 3D”. The 3D model, generated by AutoCAD, is the essence of any project, whether it is architectural, engineering, drafting, or any other type of project.

AutoCAD R&D Lab Blog

Exploring Design Technology and Innovation in AutoCAD

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Monday, December 28, 2018

Day 3: Using Exceptions to Save Time

In most cases, drawing a line or a polyline will not save any time. However, many people who are not used to AutoCAD often need to draw more than one line. To draw a line, we use the command line (Line/U/L) followed by a point where the line is to be drawn (end point). A second point is then added to close the end of the line (start point). To do this in AutoCAD, we use the command line ( Line/U/L) followed by two points.

First, we will draw a line (line A) from the current point (point A) to the start point (point B). To do this, we use the command line (Line/U/L) followed by two points. Point A is the current point and point B is the start point.

The second line is to be drawn from the end point (point B) of line A to the end point (point C) of line B.

AutoCAD 2021 24.0

Pro/ENGINEER is a computer-aided design (CAD) program for the drafting and designing of three-dimensional (3D) structures and assemblies.

In 2016, Autodesk was the recipient of the “Best AI Innovation” Award for Autodesk Vault, the first Autodesk platform for providing AI-based proactive support for the world’s most valuable software and hardware assets.

Autodesk has been working with The Climate Corporation, a leading provider of geospatial information and solutions, which is developing software for Natural Resource Management to help companies manage and optimize their land and water resources.

In March 2016, Autodesk launched an alliance with Wightman. This partnership focused on leveraging the design and workflow capabilities of Autodesk software to help organizations improve manufacturing. Wightman, one of the largest leaders in software automation for the manufacturing industry, has partnered with Autodesk for over 15 years.

In November 2016, Autodesk released an API in partnership with Microsoft Azure. Microsoft Azure has an API service called Azure App Service, which allows developers to run web applications on Microsoft’s cloud platform, connecting Autodesk’s offering with Azure’s core business of developing, hosting, and managing web applications. Microsoft Azure App Service will allow Autodesk to offer a subscription-based web-based service where developers can access Autodesk’s cloud services and take advantage of APIs on the Azure platform. In June 2017 Autodesk acquired the cloud platform,, allowing Autodesk to offer cloud services on its platform.

In November 2017, Autodesk and Nvidia announced a partnership to create a new Autodesk Architecture CAD application called AutoCAD Activation Code Architecture. The application was announced at Autodesk’s Annual Industry Summit on October 9, 2017. The application is available as a standalone product or through Autodesk’s cloud platform,, and Autodesk’s 2020 subscription offering. Autodesk Architecture CAD is an engineering software for the design of architectural, engineering and construction projects. It is designed to provide a single, unified design experience across the software platforms and workflows that Autodesk supports.

In November 2018, Autodesk announced that it will be investing in and expanding multiple new Microsoft HoloLens technologies to create an ecosystem that builds on Autodesk’s existing 2D, 3D and VR/AR product and platform offerings.

AutoCAD 2021 24.0

Obtain the license key which is free for individual users.

Copy the serial key with which the user can apply it to the purchase license key.

Save the license key.

Apply the license key.

The license key is activated.

Go to Autodesk and download the required files.

Install and activate Autocad.

Register an account and register the serial key.

Autocad is now fully activated.

Go to the activated tab of Autocad.

Activate the Autocad as you have already.

Autocad activation is done.

Test Autocad and type-in the Serial key that you have copied.

The license key is used and will show you the message that it has been used.

Autocad is fully activated and you can use it.

# Visual Studio Code Code

Visual Studio Code is an open-source code editor created by Microsoft and published as an Eclipse project.

The Visual Studio Code editor has a lot of features and can be used for many different purposes, as it supports different programming languages, while it is also multilingual. It also offers tools such as Git, Git History, GitHub, etc.

Visual Studio Code can be used in a variety of ways, such as through the command line, with a GUI interface, a web interface, and it can even run on different operating systems.

This chapter will give you an overview of Visual Studio Code, by explaining its features and how to use it.

## Installing Visual Studio Code

The easiest way to install Visual Studio Code is to use the installer that is provided by Microsoft.

Go to and download the installer. Save the file as **VS Code.msi** in your desktop.

Before installing Visual Studio Code, make sure that you are running Microsoft Windows 10.

Run the Visual Studio Code installer from your desktop.

It will start to install and setup Visual Studio Code.

Wait for the installation to finish.

When the installation is completed, you will be taken to the Visual Studio Code page, which shows you how to create a new project.

In this chapter, you will use Visual Studio Code to perform the steps that will be used later on.

## Creating a new project

In Visual Studio Code, you will create a new project, which is the basis of any project that you will create.

What’s New In AutoCAD?

Use Markup Assist to make changes to your drawing as you go without having to leave Autodesk® AutoCAD® Civil 3D®. (video: 5:00 min.)

Add text to imported drawings directly from CAD files, images, or AutoCAD’s Stamp format, and attach captions and other text styles to imported objects to create highly accurate files with an unlimited number of styles. (video: 5:00 min.)

Draw better, faster with multi-page and multi-surface support for jigsaw.


Add multiple blocks and automatic topology, better place and track options.

Save multiple block definitions with user defined names and set a default position.

Python Functions:

Send expressions directly from Python scripts, such as applying styles to blocks or running custom functions.

New color wheels in Python’s Foreground, Background, and Settings palettes.

Configure Python scripts using graphical windows, and get information about your drawings from the Python shell.

Python Documentation Update:

Work with Python’s Trace, Blocked, Mesh, or Mesh List tools directly from the Python shell or from Python scripts.

Get Python syntax help and sample scripts directly from the Python shell.

Engine Enhancements:

Fast, reliable 3D viewports with layer support.

See through polygon faces to see the edges of other objects.

See through objects and layers to see their 3D surfaces.

Print zebra striping for non-aligned layer and color previews.

Create 3D views from 2D printable images.

Create 3D wireframes and annotative prototypes from 2D printable images.

Add new fill types to the Paint Bucket tool.

The Painter Brush can now draw closed paths.

Group annotation tools to create an annotation.

Enhancements to the AutoCAD® and AutoCAD LT® 3D Environment with:

New 3D modeling tools:

Expand and reframe in the Mesh, Mesh List, and Blockpicker tools.

Quickly edit topology settings.

Quickly create a detailed mesh for a part.

Quickly use primitives to create an extruded surface.

Change line weight using the Line Weight tool.

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

Windows 7/8
Mac OS 10.6.8+
x64 Compatible Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo or better.
Intel Core 2 Duo or better. Graphics: Microsoft DirectX 9.0 or better
Microsoft DirectX 9.0 or better Memory: 2 GB+
2 GB+ Hard Disk Space: 500 MB Free Disk Space
500 MB Free Disk Space Sound: DirectX compatible sound card (Minimum 512 MB RAM for sound)
How to Play/Install:
1. Download a secure version of Starfighter from the Mac

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