Fayyaz Bin Muhammad Bin Umar narrates that: ‘On the day of Ghadeer I went to the Holy Imam Al Ridha asws and saw that Imamasws had a group of close devotees with him asws whom Imam asws had invited for breaking fast (on that day) and had sent food, drinks, clothes, even rings to their homes. I also saw that Imam asws had asked his servants to give those guest new outfits as some of them were wearing ordinary cloths. Therefore, Imam asws had liked them to wear neat looking outfits and they were regularly mentioning the virtues and the holiness of this day (the day of Ghadeer). In sum, one of the ahadith Imam asws had mentioned was: ‘My father has narrated to me on the authority of his asws pious and glorified ancestors the tradition (Hadith) that – ‘Once in the time of the Amir-ul-Momaneenasws, the day of Friday had
coincided with the day of the Eid of Ghadeer.

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