Eid-e-Zahra asws

Syed Ibn Tawoos has written in his book ‘Zawaaid Al Fawaaid’, narrating from Ibn Abi Al A’la Al Hamadani Al Wasti and Yahya Ibn Muhammad Bin Huwayja Al Baghdadi who said: ‘We were discussing about Ibn Al Khattab la and this matter confused us. We all decided to go to Ahmad Bin Is’haq Al Qummi, a companion of Abi Hassan Al Askari asws, in the city of Qum. We knocked on his door and an Iraqi
girl came out (to greet us). We asked her about him. She replied, ‘He was busy in celebrating the day of Eid. We replied to her: ‘Glory be to Allah! Surely there are four Eids for the Shiites – Al Fitr, and Al Azha, and Al Ghadeer and Al Jum’a.’ She answered: ‘Surely Ahmad Bin Is’haq has narrated from his master Abi Al Hassan Bin Muhammad Al Askari asws, indeed, this day is the day of Eid, and this is better than all
the Eids near Ahl Ul Bayt asws and their slaves.’

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