Forming Government, Selecting a Leader

Forming government and/or selecting a leader is beyond the capability of ordinary people, if
one votes for a leader than one is also going to carry the burden of government/leader’s
wrong doings and evil deeds, as one has endorsed him for a certain time span to rule over
the masses. So, it’s like doing a ‘Bayat’ of a caliph, as per centuries’ old Islamic traditions.
When Abbasid Caliph Ma’mun Rashid compelled Imam Ali Reza(asws) to become his successor,
Imam(asws) accepted it (out of compulsion) but with the conditions that Imam(asws) will not take
any role in his governing policies and will only be his successor if Ma’mun dies before
him(asws)– as Imam(asws) knew that won’t happen as Ma’mun would conspire to martyr him(asws)
– so basically Imam(asws) kept himself(asws) away from getting involved in Mamun’s governance
but without antagonising and opposing him.

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