Hajj Bait Allah

This short article on ‘Hajj Bait Allah swt’ has been compiled from the traditions of masomeen as, consulting basic shia books, i.e., Manlah Yazarul Faqih, Al-Kafi, Wasial al Shia and Ilul Sheria1. A brief summary for performing Ummera as well as Hajj is also provided in the end, as a reference to the preceding traditions of masomeen as. An attempt has also been made to focus on the issue related to present-day living and social conditions. First we start with those traditions of masomeen as which emphasis on visiting the ‘Harram’ (buried place) of Masomeen as, followed by Quranic Verses, which refer to the ritual of Hajj, traditions related to its sequence and intricacies.

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