Hazir-o-Nazir from Holy Quran and Ahadith

In this article, the issue of ‘Hazir o Nazir’ is reviewed from the Holy Verses as explained in
Ahadith. Its general version where only Holy Verses were used is also prepared and
uploaded. The need for this article has arisen due to the misconception spread by some
preachers, who are advocating that since none of the Masomeen(asws) are present in our time,
one must follow ‘Wilayat-e-Faqi’ until the reappearance of the 12th Imam(ajfj). The issues of
the Taqleed and Ijtihad are discussed in other places, here we confine our discussion to the
issue of ‘Hazir o Nazir’ in the light of Holy Verses and Ahadith.

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