History Of Ijtehaad

Book “Khisal” by Allama Mohd Baqar Kamraie Volume 4 Page 57. Allama says, “By the end of the 4th century Hijri, Shias only had Quran, Ahadees-e-Rasool [as] and the traditions of Masoomeen which were the bases of “Hukm -e-Sharia” but when Shias started following the patterns of Aama (Ahl-e-Sunna ) writing books on Usool-e-Fiqh which were away from the traditions, they also included “Ijma and Daleel-e-Aqal” in from Ahl-e-Sunnah into Usool-e-Fiqh for Shias. When they realised that Ijma and Daleel-e-Aql are against the Maktab-e-Ahlul Bait , they got busy in doing “Taujeeh & Taweel” and started saying that from Ijmah we mean Traditions of Masoom and “Aql”. The use of “Fikr Araie” in “Masael-e-Usooli” resulted in the inclusion of Qayas in the name of “Tanqeeh” in Shia’ism.”

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