Infallibility of Prophets (as)

All Prophets(as) and their(as) successors(as) are infallible (Masoom), including the last Prophet Mohammed(saww) and his(saww) successors(asws). However, some Muslims who superficially read and interpret Holy Quran raise some questions on the infallibilities of the Prophets(as). A centuries old topic, which was discussed in the court of Al-Ma’mum AlRashid (an Abbasi Caliph) when he invited some Muslim scholars to question Imam Ali(asws) ibn Musa AI-Reza(asws) regarding the infallibility of Prophet(as). Prior to presenting the debate we start with a Holy Verse and some Ahadith in its explanation, the Holy Verse is frequently quoted by some Muslims in opposition to the infallibility of the Prophet Mohammed(saww).

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