Jihad During Occultation of Imam (asws) ajtf

Jihad means to strive and is broadly divided into two types, the major Jihad and the minor Jihad. The Major Jihad is to   suppress the desires of disobedience to Allah azwj. Amir-ul-Momineen asws has defined the following four branches of Jihad:
(1) to help others in performing their duties; (2) to stay away from that which is prohibited; (3) to speak the truth whenever needed and (4) to turn away from sins and sinners.

The ‘Minor’ Jihad, the armed struggle, is not permissible without the Guidance of a Just Imam asws, unless one is compelled to protect himself and his belongings. For women, there is no Minor Jihad, equivalent to that of a man. A lady’s Jihad is to bear difficulties she faces in pleasing her husband and if she dies any time after conceiving until she stops feeding her baby, she gets the reward of a martyred.

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