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May 30, 2015
Microsoft’s XPS Driver for Windows 8, version 1.1 for x64 (KB3079145) update.


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TAMPA, Fla. — The NHL has suspended St. Louis Blues forward Paul Stastny for three games for his hit on Vancouver’s Henrik Sedin in the third period of Game 1 of the Western Conference semifinals on Saturday.

It’s the second suspension Stastny has served for hits this season. The league said Stastny will be eligible to return for Game 5 of the series on Monday (CBC-TV, CBC, RDS).

Stastny’s hit took out Sedin in the face and drew a match penalty on Los Angeles’ Anze Kopitar for kneeing. Stastny will also forfeit $40,745.65.

Sedin received medical attention and did not return.

The hit happened at 19:52 of the third period of a 2-2 game. Stastny was assessed a major penalty for charging and a game misconduct for his hit.Q:

Не работает авторизация в SqliteManager

Всем привет.
После подключения к базе данных SqliteManager не выдаёт в исходном коде путь к конфигурации базы данных. Объясните пожалуйста почему?
После вызова этого кода
sqliteManager = SqliteManager(db_path)
# проверяем, есть ли у вас свя�


Windows 7

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Category:Windows kernelSunday, December 16, 2011

Another Week, Another Guilty Pleasure

The political news out of Europe has been depressing the last week or two. Greece, as I wrote about here, has been in the headlines for a while and has now suspended its debt payments for a few days. But that’s not what this post is about. Instead, I’m offering the latest guilty pleasure.

Nick Bilton is the New York Times’ top technology reporter. A few weeks ago, he wrote about jailbreaking Apple’s iPhone. Not that there’s anything wrong with jailbreaking an iPhone (it’s totally legal) or that jailbreaking is any more “foolish” than trying to pirate a movie. But what Bilton says is true: jailbreaking often reveals the deeper underlying functionalities and features that manufacturers have tried to keep hidden or obfuscated. He also points out that jailbreaking is usually fun and educational.

It’s the latter that I enjoy, but not as much as the following. Nick Bilton wrote a piece for the New York Times in the summer of 2009 called “Nuts and Bolts”. In it, he offered a tutorial on how to build a video game console from scratch. Now, you might think that this is a piece for teenagers, but I found it fascinating for the details it offered on some of the mechanics and principles of how a home video game console might work. There’s a lot more that can be done with such a device than you might imagine, but it’s fascinating nonetheless.

I found it to be a combination of an article for teenagers and a geek’s guide to building a retro game console. For example, his article explained how the connection is made to the power supply for a circuit board. It’s done by attaching a single row of solder through a hole in the board. Instead of a metal lead, the solder is made out of a material that is more flexible, so that it can bend through the hole. Here’s an image of the solder that Nick Bilton uses:

His article also explained that the chip is in the back of the video game console. Most of the components are outside the circuit board, though, and are connected with an elaborate system of cables. I could see it being very possible to build such a device, but the wiring is quite complicated.

Here’s a picture of how Bilton’s video game console looks assembled:

But a




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