During the lifetime Rasool-Allah(saww) , Al-Anfal was different from that of war-booty. These properties were either gifted to Rasool-Allah(saww) or acquired without fight, and they belonged to Rasool-Allah(saww). Of such properties was ‘Fadak’. Other examples of Al-Anfal are properties as the marshes, mines, oceans and the wilderness. They all belong to RasoolAllah(saww)/Imam(asws) exclusively. For the present time, Al-Khums is more relevant to us, however, without forgetting the usurped rights of Ahl Al-Bayt(asws), i.e., Fadak and other properties – we must keep on denouncing all unjust and cruel acts carried out against the Holy Family(asws) of RasoolAllah(saww)!

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