Moqaddama Kokab-e-Durri – Agha Syed Mohammed Sibtain Sarsavi

All the right-minded people with foresight, knowledge and faith have a clear concept of Islam. That
understanding towards Allah (SWT) as a contained faith in ‘Him’ and after him the Prophet (SAWW). The
understanding of the fact/belief that there is always an Imam in one’s lifetime till the day of eternity,
forms the main part of the Islamic faith. Knowing Islam is obligatory as the dependence of ones faith is
related with it and accountability in life hereafter is based on this very fact. As Allah (SWT) says “The day
we will call everyone with his Imam (as)”, and therefore one will go wherever his Imam dwells and
further he adds “on the day of judgement everyone will be called before the Almighty along with the
one who guided him (steered him) as his witness and the Marefat (understanding) comprehension of
Allah (SWT) is understanding of His reflected virtues. Understanding Allah (SWT) as Himself is

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