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May 1, 2020 – Sri Nrsimha Priya (Volume 8 – Issue 4 & 5). Vaishnavas and Annadanam for villagers were organized by the Nrsimha Brindavanam Foundation. The Sri Nrisimha Priya Archive DVD (Tamil and English) contains a treasure. Nrisimha Priya is the leader of a group of Sri Nrisimha Priya and her followers who travel across the Indian countryside from Uttar Pradesh to Maharashtra to spread the legacy of Sri Nrisimha Chandavanam.
This video contains mainly a lecture by Sri Nrsimha Priya.
He talks about the importance and purpose of this group.
He talks about how they travel through the countryside and hold meetings.
He talks about how he received his letter from Sri Nrsimha Priya and what he received in return.



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