Rights of Just-Imam asws

It is quoted, through a chain of narrators, that Jabir bin AbdulAllah Ansari asked
from Imam Mohammed Baqir(sws): Ya Son of Rasool Allah(saww), what is the purpose
served by a Prophet or an Imam? Imam(sws) replied, to stabilize the universe and to
mange and organise its operations.

In our time, the Sun, Moon, stars, galaxies along with all entities within the Divine
Universe, are performing their duties under the instructions and predefined rules
by the 12th grandson of Prophet Imam Al-Asr(ajfj), although He(ajfj) cannot be seen by
human eyes but encompass the whole universe and control its affairs, as we say
in the Ziarat: “Assalam Allaikum on that who is persist, who is invisible, who
witness, who is beyond our comprehension.

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