Shahadat of Syeda (asws) The Daughter of Rasoll Allah (saww)

Ahadith related to the usurping of the land of Fadak and martyrdom of Rasool Allah(saww’s)
daughter are presented from the ‘Kitab Sulaym Ibn Qays Hilali, the first shia Ahadith book
compiled by a companion of Amir-ul-Momineen(asws), Sulaym Ibn Qays Hilali, who has
recorded the events from the later days of Rasool Allah(saww) to the martyrdom of Imam
Hussain(asws). We start first with a Hadith of the Imam Jafar al-Sadiq(asws) on the authenticity of
the Ahadith book ‘Kitab Sulaym Ibn Qays Hilali’. The complete book in English can be found:
Kitab Sulaym Bin Qays Al Hilali | (

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