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Slotraser For Windows 10 Crack is a Windows application that enables you to create races, use the included databases, and manage your slot car track. To start, you can set up a new race, by entering the racetrack name, the number of participants, and a car dealer or a track. You can set the number of laps, the race duration, and the amount of time given to each lap. After you add your driver, you can activate the countdown timer and start a race. You can also save your chosen driver, as well as his or her car model, and make use of the included databases. When you close the application, you can easily add new cars to the database, and even add drivers to it.


You can quickly access the track editor in slotraser with just the keyboard shortcut Alt+T. The track editor includes all of the necessary items you need to create a track, such as new race start location, with shortcuts to driveable racetracks, obstacles and start positions. When you are creating a race, the controls are the same on the right side of the screen as with any other slot racing application. You can adjust your hot lap countdown timer and activate your driver. It also includes a timer which automatically resets the timer when you press the spacebar. The timer resets itself every time you press the spacebar.

If you want to add a driver to your race, you just need to select him or her from your current list of drivers. The database allows you to add cars, drivers and tracks, and the track editor allows you to save the track you created for future use.


Slotraser is available for download from our software library for $24.95.

Comments and ratings for Slotraser

The best reviews for Slotraser

Friday, 11th Feb. 2013

I first used Slotraser at the end of 2007. At that time I didn’t like it that much. Today I want to put it again into the rating, because I like it much more. I’m a huge slot racer and I like to compare games, because I don’t like to spend money on something, that isn’t really good. Because I found Slotraser this year, it was the best of all the games I tried this year.

Sunday, 21st Dec. 2012

I thought this would be good and cheap, but it’s pretty slow. Since I bought it


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Slotraser Crack + PC/Windows [Updated-2022]

Slotraser is a racing-themed slot car program designed for creating slot car races and keeping track of lap times. The application features a highly customizable design and intuitive user interface, which enables you to fine-tune each aspect of your car racer, by setting up realistic slot car racing tracks, adding custom track controllers, as well as assigning realistic penalties to drivers.
Creating races is easy as it can be. Simply pick a number of laps, a number of players, and the number of the car you want to race. You can also include information regarding the track and drivers, as well as their speed, average speed and their lap times.
You can also add a wide variety of penalties to drivers, including speeding, crashing, running out of battery, pushing the block button and more. You can even assign customized rules for certain positions in a race, so that you can make your racing experience more intense.
Creating your own statistics
In order to track how your car racers fare over time, you can use the application to create database of records. By placing all of your drivers and cars into the same database, you can keep track of drivers, their skills and your car racers over the course of a number of races, which makes it easy to keep track of the best drivers, how they fare over time, and even how they can compare different models of car racing.

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What’s New In?

Slotraser is a software tool which allows you to create your very own slotcar races, as well as keep track of the best lap times, as well as monitor multiple Carrera Control Units at the same time. Thus, you can monitor multiple Carrera Control Units at the same time and receive information about their racing characteristics, as well as keep track of the best lap times, as well as monitor multiple Carrera Control Units at the same time.

Viktor The Russian played in the 95th NYSAC State Championship a few months ago and was the #1 ranked player for the past 2 years. The following is a very long interview with the 9 year old prodigy. It is the complete walkthrough of the USBA National Championships which Viktor won. Here are some of the highlights:
Q: Hi Viktor, can you tell us a little about your background?
Viktor: Hi, my name is Viktor Iliev, I live in New York, and I have always been interested in car racing and slot cars. I started playing slot car at the age of 5. My parents and I decided to buy 3 cars and other equipment for me. I had a very successful driving career at the junior level, and my results were the best in the state. I’m always looking for a way to improve my performance, and the more I improve, the better.
Q: Is there any particular car that you like?
Viktor: Of course there is. I like Toyko, the model of the car. I like the color red. Red cars are more special. I also like the color white, but it is not very popular. I also like the color yellow, but it is not very popular. I also like the color blue, but it is not very popular. I also like the color green, but it is not very popular. I also like the color black, but it is not very popular. I also like the color yellow, but it is not very popular. I also like the color green, but it is not very popular. I also like the color black, but it is not very popular. I also like the color yellow, but it is not very popular. I also like the color green, but it is not very popular.
Q: If you could have one car forever, which one would you choose?
Viktor: The blue Toyota.
Q: When you are not racing, do you prefer to play video games, watch TV or read books?
Viktor: I like watching TV, but I am a car person. I also like reading books. I really love car racing.
Q: Tell us about your parents and family, who have supported your success.
Viktor: My parents and my grandma, of course, but my mom is a bad mother. She doesn’t really help me at all. I was just born

System Requirements For Slotraser:

Processor: Intel Pentium 4, AMD Athlon 64 or equivalent
System Memory: 1 GB of RAM required
Hard Drive Space:
12 MB of available free space is required on hard drive
1024 MB of available video memory required
Windows XP SP2 or higher
Sound Card:
Sound card with DirectSound drivers and volume control (2.1 analog output)
DirectX9 compatible video card

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