Suicide, A Momin never commits Suicide

n this short article, some Ahadith of Masomeen(asws0 are presented to establish that a
believer (a Momin – who believes in 12 Divine Imams(asws) and through their(asws)
Ahadith he acts and takes all decisions in his life) would have extremely difficult
living conditions but would stay content and thankful (for all the bounties he has, in
particular, the Wilayah of Masomeen(asws). Under these harsh living conditions, which
a Momin regularly faces, a non-Momin (an unbeliever) considers killing himself or will
have a death wish! As per the Ahadith of Masomeen(asws) (Infallible Divine
Guides(asws) a Momin would leave for the better world (face death) from all kinds of
reasons terminating his life but would never kill himself

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