There are so many myths about the good and bad omens derived from appearance of
events and signs. These could be traced back to the prehistoric era and have originated
from and exist in almost all cultures. For Muslims, some of the superstitious beliefs have
also crept in through interacting with and living in with other people of different religions
and customs, for example branding someone a lucky/unlucky person, interpreting
moon/sun eclipse or movement of stars (horoscope) and crossing the way by an animal.
However, some ‘signs’ must be respected and are indeed occurring by the Command of
Allah(azwj) , and for dealing with those, some supplications are recommended, i.e., the Salāt of
the eclipse, Yawning is from Iblis(la) and Sneeze is from Allah(azwj)(see Appendix I). In this short
article, some Ahadith of Masomeen(asws) related to ‘Signs’ and events are presented in order
to distinguish what should be ignored and what should recited/carried out as recommended
by Masomeen(asws).

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