Taqleed and Ijtihaad

The term Ijtihad, according to the Arabic dictionary, is derived from `juhd’, which means
employment of an effort or endeavour in performing a certain activity. The principles of
ijtihad in accordance with Sunni as well as Shia school of thoughts, put together, are:
the Book, the Sunnah, Ijma` (consensus), `Aql (reason), Qiyas (analogy), …and so on.3
Ijtihad (to strive) in religion has been used by Sunni Muslims for a very long time, from
the era of Holy Prophet Mohammed(saww) until today. During this period, this technique4
which facilitates one to form an opinion and issue a decree (fatawa), was completely
rejected and disliked by the twelve successors of the Holy Prophet(saww), specially, when
it was practised, out of necessity, by the Sunni Muslims.

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