Upbringing Children

In our busy life style, we are always struggling to find time for our families. The
upbringing of children always remains a major challenge for all of us, as our children
spent most of their time in schools and while at home, their attention is mostly
diverted by the media and the social networks. Therefore, there is hardly any time
left for the religion – for both parents and children to interact with and to reflect on
our devotion and responsibilities towards the Imam(asws) of our time – for our own
benefit and success. To help in upbringing our children and organise our lives, some
Ahadith of Masomeen(asws) are presented in this short article. A detailed teaching
syllabus for children, based on the Ahadith of Masomeen(asws), has already been
uploaded under the heading of ‘School of Wilayat’ (SOW)
School of Wilayat | Learning the Wilayat of Allah (azwj), Rasool Allah (saww) and the Imams (asws) from Holy Quran and the Ahadith.

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