Qualities of Knowledge

Muhammad ibn al-Hassan has narrated from Ali ibn Muhammad from Sahl ibn Ziyad from Muhammad ibn ‘Isa from ‘Ubaudallah al-Dihqan from Durust al-Wasiti from Ibrahim ibn ‘Abd al-Hamid from abu al-Hassan Musa a.s who has said the following:

“Once the Holy Prophets a.w.w entered the Mosque and found a group of people gathered around a man. He asked, “who is he?” It was said that he was a ‘allamah’. Prophets a.w.w then enquired, “What does that mean?” They replied that he is the most learned man about the genealogy, the chronology, and the history of the pre-Islamic days of darkness and the poetry of Arabs. Prophets.a.w.w said, for this kind of knowledge there is no harm in not learning it or benefit in acquiring it. ‘The holy  Prophets a.w.w then explained those people that “Knowledge consists of only three kinds: A strong sign, a justly enjoined
obligation and an established tradition. Other then these are of the extra achievements.”’

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