The Issues of Wisdom and Ignorance

Abu Ja’far Muhammad ibn Ya’qub has narrated from a number of our people of whom one is Muhammad ibn Yahya al-‘Attar who narrated from Ahmad ibn Muhammad from Hassan ibn Mahbub from ‘Ala’ ibn Razin from Muhammad ibn Muslim from Abu Ja’far a.s who has said the following.

“When Allah swt, created wisdom, He gave it an ability to speak and then He asked to it, ‘Come forward’. It came forward. He then said, “Go back.” It went back.
Then Allah swt said, “I swear by My honour and glory that I have not created any creature more beloved to Me than you. I will not perfect you in anyone except those whom I love. I will command only you to do things and prohibit only you from doing certain things. I will award blessings (rewards) to you only and will subject only you to  punishments.”

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