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Cracked vielklang With Keygen is a polyphonic harmony/melody generator that generates natural sounding acoustic backgrounds, with instant 4-voice harmonization on one single click, from a single input audio file. vielklang Crack can also generate complete pieces of music, featuring two complex chord progressions (minor and major/major dominant) to generate a dynamic and evolving melody.
It can synthesize vocal harmonies, lead sheet music, and also be used as a harmonizer to polyphonic audio, by itself or by allowing you to select and edit each of its voices individually.
Designed for the non-musician or musician who wants to experiment with four voices on their own or to remix in real time: vielklang allows you to easily create complete pieces of music from the bottom up.
Its unique harmonization and synthesization algorithms enables it to generate perfect natural sounding harmonies for each note in any chord progression, with instant transitions and both major and minor voice leading.
* Easy to use: intuitive interface with instant control panel with four synthetic voices and harmonies on one single click, with no further thinking required.
* Quick and natural sound: the best sounding harmonies are automatically detected based on the input audio samples. It creates more natural sounding harmonies than other choices, even for complex chord progressions.
* Flexible editing: the user can select individual voices and alter their notes or even change the chords by single or multiple notes.
* Built-in Piano Roll: a single click of a button can bring up a piano roll of different scales, chords, and chords with different voice leading (single or parallel).
* Instant playback of a single-voiced audio file: one single-voiced audio file can be quickly loaded and played as a loop or any other way, allowing the user to focus on the musical issues rather than technical or theoretical ones.
* Fast, professional and intelligent: it is built-in with a powerful and flexible music theory engine, with harmonic sophistication in the form of performance parameters that can be tuned at will to create high-quality melodies.
* Automatic analysis of your MIDI files: After loading, any MIDI file can be analyzed to enable the user to choose the right notes and chords by single or multiple notes. The user can also edit the notes, chords or chords with different voices.
* Generate complete musical pieces: you can easily generate complete pieces of music, using any of the selected chords and scales.
* Generate

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Mix and mix, mix, mix, mix, mix
• Harmonize a single audio file, load up to four audio files, and join them into one single new audio file
• Generate natural sounding background choirs by tweaking the harmonization parameters
• Generate harmonized single sounds with automatic selection of single pitches
• Modify melodies and single-voiced loops in terms of pitch and scale
• Convert audio and MIDI files to and from each other

Synthesizers, samplers, and mixers applications give you the power to create, manipulate, and process sound digitally. New audiosynthesizers, or signal processing tools, are created, as well as new and improved samplers.
New wave of samplers use the latest WAV format (PCM uncompressed), and includes specific samplers: DSP chip-based samplers, virtual analogue synth, drum machines, and drum-sequencer, plus a drummer-sequencer.
The software enables you to transform and process any source audio file into a synthesized one. Additionally, it allows you to perform advanced on-the-fly mixing and editing of your files.

Audio Mouse is an application that will help you to clean up your computer’s sound system. The program includes special tools for adjusting the volume of the speakers, for disabling speaker’s non-functioning and many other useful features.

Yusaf and Kashif Khan (Aug-3-2011)


qDm database manager – Mac OS X

qDm database manager is a sound database manager that maintains digital audio database, including ID3-tags and MP3 files. Database contains tags for artist names, genres, and album name, plus the music MP3 files.

Yusaf and Kashif Khan (Nov-16-2011)


aSoundWare to BGM player – Mac OS X

iSoundWare To BGM player is a Mac OS X app for playing background music in your project.aSoundWare To BGM player is a Mac OS X app that plays BGM and provides the ability to search for songs within iTunes library.

Yusaf and Kashif Khan (Feb-12-2012)


MixPad Art – Mac OS X

MixPad Art is an application that allows you to create your art with music, which can be later optimized for the screen, loudspeakers and/or headphones

Vielklang [Latest] 2022

vielklang is a freely available music and sound software synthesizer.
With vielklang you can easily generate 4 voice polyphonic synthesizers, automatically or with manual knobs.
With vielklang you can create music for your loops and single voice samples.
Best of all, vielklang is not just a harmonizer; it is packed with musical intelligence and music theory: it automatically detects the best fitting harmonies for each individual input melody, and automatically synthesizes up to four voices with the voices not merely running in parallel but with their voice pitches automatically selected to sound most natural (voice leading).
Special features:
– Automatic or manual 4-voice polyphony.
– Built in singing synthesizer.
– Vielklang supports midi plus.
– Built in harmonic analyzer.
– Harmonic analyzer, to analyze all notes in a music scale.
– Built in theory analyzer, to analyze all chords in a music scale.
– Built in metronome.
– Ability to save each part,
– MIDI to audio,
– Customize harmony,
vielklang editor Description:
vielklang editor is a window-based music editor for windows.
It is not a real music editor like mpc123 (a real music editor) but more like a virtual songwriting and composing toolbox.
– Use keyboard shortcuts and mouse to compose music,
– Play notes and chords with mouse,
– Add effects to each note,
– Record each part using realtime or keypressing,
– Export to WAV or MIDI file,
– Export to mp3 and save as song file,
– Export to avi and save as movie file,
– Export MIDI events,
– Export midi/sound files to the microsoft midi device
vielklang editor – Chord line Description:
vielklang chords Line is a freeware melody line editor for windows.
It allows you to edit music or song with only mouse or keyboard.
It supports all modern windows, including Windows 98.
Two normal type of line can be select:
– 1 line of notes
– 1 line of chords
Select Mode:
– Step Mode, for one chords
– Duple Step Mode, for each chord
– Triple Step Mode, for each chord
– Group Mode

What’s New in the?

Just plug into your audio interface or microphone, open the editor and start modifying.
– Automatic harmonization on piano roll format
– Automatic harmonization on wav format
– Load a single-voiced audio file to start working
– Load a multi-voiced audio file to work
– For loop tools: cut, split, mix in time
– Change the pitch and scale of a voice or a sequence of voices
– Realtime visualizations
– Powerful audio-to-MIDI tool
– Easy to use tool for both professional and amateur musicians
– Includes the demo of a song, the demo of a chorale, an organ solo, an organ fugue, a violin solo, an organ solo in two voices, an organ Chorale in two voices, a string quartet, a brass section, a choir, and a children’s choir!
– 1 MAC computer (OS X 10.7)
– Midi keyboard or a MIDI sequencer (recommended)
– An USB audio interface (recommended)
– A microphone
– Midi keyboard controller: a good example is the Novation BH-1 Keyboard Controller
– More and more and more, like the ideal setup for a professional musician
– For complete users:
You can also purchase the complete package (the download is provided through the link on the download page)
– Multi-Voiced Vielklang
– 4-Voice Harmonization
– Producer Version
– PageMetronome
– Vielklang ChordTools
What’s new in Vielklang 3:
– Editing of harmonies and single pitches has been improved.
– Editing of pitch has been expanded.
– Anchor notes have been displayed in the editor.
– Correctly edited words are displayed when you select the word within the editor.
– Scale and key mode tool is displayed when you select the editor.
– Improved user interface.
What’s new in Vielklang 2:
– Improved editing of harmonies and single pitches.
– Improved editing of pitch.
– Improved scale and key mode tool.
– Improved user interface.
What’s new in Vielklang 1:
– New harmonies have been added.
– Harmonics have been edited.
– Transposing the phrases from one key to another key and moving or editing the pitch of the phrase has been improved.
– Vielklang 2

System Requirements For Vielklang:

OS: Windows XP Home or Professional (32 or 64 bit)
Processor: Pentium II
(2.0 GHz) or higher
Memory: 1 GB
Graphics: 128 MB DirectX 9.0 or OpenGL 2.0 compatible graphics card
DirectX: Version 9.0
Hard Drive: 4 GB
Hard Drive: 5 GB
DirectX: Version

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