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Full Featured Windows .NET IRC Client with built-in SSL (crypted) IRC support
Here are some key features of “IRC”:
■ Multi-Servers
■ SOCKS4-5/HTTP Proxy
■ Notify/Ignore/Tree/Transfers/Browser/Files/Raw/Events/URL windows
■ Full Layout/Color/Font Customization
■ Opacity/Transparency support
■ Auto OnStart/Connect/Reconnect/OnConnect/Join/Rejoin/OnJoin/Away
■ Logging, Filtering
■ Sounds
■ Alarms
■ Locking
■ Aliases
■ Timers
■ Variables
■ Readable/Editable Config/Menu Files.
■ 30 days trial


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.IRC Crack Free Download [Updated] 2022

This client is a text-based IRC Client, developed with the.NET Framework 2.0.NET C# Microsoft Visual Basic.NET
■ State of Art!
.NET IRC Client! With “Built-In SSL (crypted) IRC Support!
.NET Client has an easy to use and powerful GUI, to improve your IRC experience!
.NET Client supports SSL, SOCKS4 and SOCKS5!
Only for.NET 2.0!
Compatible with Windows 95!
Compatible with Windows NT!
Compatible with Windows 2000!
What Else Do.NET IRC Client has?
.NET Client has the following features:
■ Multi-Servers
.NET Client can handle several IRC Servers (with SSL).
When your client is connected to a server, you can see all info of the servers you have connected!
■ SOCKS4-5/HTTP Proxy
.NET Client supports SOCKS4, SOCKS4a and SOCKS5 Proxy!
SOCKS proxy server mode is also provided. SOCKS Proxy support both TUNNEL and CONNECT methods, meaning if client is connected to a
proxy server, it can actually connect to the server as if it was connected directly to it.
Even you can use “SOCKS Server List” to manage your connection proxy servers!
■ Notify/Ignore/Tree/Transfers/Browser/Files/Raw/Events/URL windows
.NET Client has a “Notify” window where you can specify to notify/ignore the events from the server.
If you set the events to notify, it will be notified that events are posted on IRC server, but not shown on your client.
The events can be viewed on the “Channels” or “Event List” windows of the Notify window.
As well, there is an indicator window to view the IRC Transfer state/progress for the selected server, otherwise you can view it on the event list.
■ Full Layout/Color/Font Customization
In the Notify window, you can set the windows size and style on the Notify window.
■ Opacity/Transparency support
.NET Client uses.NET 2.0’s native GDI+ GdiPlus interface to support opacity support
Also, you can support alpha transparency to draw your windows on the background of the client.

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Add support for MULTI-SERVICES, where each of your connections to IRC operates in independent ways, and thus are able to coexist.
Each of your server connections can operate as a SOCKS5/HTTP proxy, notifying of incoming connections, possible filtered by commands, bots, and other users, and even ignoring certain users and events, thus acts as a firewall-like tool.
SOCKS5 can be used for IRC/Instant Messaging chats, while as HTTP for websites, socks can be used for web surfing and banking.
Set a layout, color, font, and more for the main window, this lets you set the same look for all of your connections to IRC. The layout may be text, HTML, or even included a.XBM (X-bitmap) file.
The color can be programmed or set as a transparent background, where the window contents will remain visible.
Alarm or timer events can be programmed on each connection. Set the length of time for alarm or timer events, and configure the amount of time available for each connection.
Configure the IRC for standard logging/filtering such as:
■ Users
■ Channels
■ Events
■ Messages
■ Files
■ Even Archive/Randomize events
Want to configure events with special requirements? We can do it. Email us (admin at ircalist.com) and ask!
We can even easily create your own powerful new event log plugin!
Auto-connect and auto-reconnect as soon as the server connection is established.
Auto-connect and auto-reconnect as needed. Some servers may want your bot to auto-disconnect when it loses connection, and auto-reconnect on a subsequent connection (up to a configurable amount).
Auto-reconnect on disconnection may be needed if the server protocol drops, which can be fatal to a connection. A case for this might be a WAN connection.
Your auto-connect and auto-reconnect will be configurable, and customizable by you.

.IRC License Key Free Download Latest

Is there something better than mIRC for Windows? Here is an IRC client I developed for all of you.NET programmers looking for IRC client that is both multi-servers and multi-protocol. Built on a object oriented modular design it is multi-protocol. It supports SSH, SOCKS4-5, WebSockets, HTTP proxy and much more in the future. We offer an easy-to-use methods for working with the IRC protocol. Everything is stored in the form of XML so you can easily parse it for configuration changes, data events and behavior changes.
● Config
You can easily edit your server/channel configuration at compile-time using you’re favorite XML editor. Edit the configuration file and rebuild. There is no need for FTP/File copying and editing!
● Scripts/Commands
You can easily write your own C# methods to execute commands on command line. Use an IRC chat like syntax when writing scripts to execute commands.
● Up/Down Time/Direction
Incoming/Outgoing messages are displayed on the main screen with up and down indicators so you know when to look.
● Transfers/Waiting Dialogs
You can scroll up or down, press continue/break and send a message or disconnect from a transfer. There is a direction indicator that updates when transfers/events are waiting. Once completed, a new dialog shows.
● File/Raw Events
When opened, a window shows a tree that lists the raw events of your file/URL. It can also be used to activate a file/URL while in a background process.
● Client-Side/Server-Side
SOCKS can be used on the client or server side. Socks can be automatically connected when starting the program. Socks can also be opened and closed without closing the main window.
● High Quality Fonts
IRC is designed with a high quality font and you can easily change the font to use a different font.
● SSL/HTTPS ( Support
We have built in support for SSL using internal HMAC certificates. The SSL certificate is automatically built into the compiled assemblies so it is simple to add if you choose to use SSL.
● Other
We have provided a number of Window and Menu features so you can customize the app to suit your needs.
We apologize for the lack of documentation at this time. We are hoping to make it available in the future.
.IRC Features:

What’s New In?

.IRC is a program built in C# aimed at Windows
XMPP clients. It can be used as a client or server and was
designed to be extendible. You can configure most functionality
of an IRC server using XML files.
.IRC is not a direct competitor to ‘NyIRC’ or ‘W-buddy’
but it is based on many of the features of them.
.IRC has been built from scratch for Windows and has full
support for Unicode. It also includes support for SSL encrypted
.IRC is simply designed to be simple, flexible and fun
.IRC’s features include:
■ Support for XMPP, IRC and SSL
■ Customizable layouts (choose between a night mode or day-time
■ Supports with IPv4 or IPv6
■ Can run as a server
■ Can run as a client
■ Includes a Web Browser designed to open links from an IRC
channel or address.
■ Includes support for 100+ windows including a notifier,
transfers, file and raw windows.
■ Includes alerts for all windows except the Notifier.
■ Includes settings windows.
.IRC is also free and is an open source project with
full support for everyone..IRC source code is available
to anyone.
.IRC has been around for a year or so, but was never
published (just a local warez copy). I’ve decided to release
it to the public, to help others get their IRC client
written in C#.
What’s New:
■ Updated to v1.1.
■ If you have the old.IRC you’ll need to make sure the
setup.exe for v1.0 is overwritten by v1.1 because they are
.IRC 1.1
■ Customizable layouts
■ Added support for SSL
■ Added support for IPv6
.IRC 1.0
■ Initial Release with only a browser window.
.IRC Features:
Connect to Multiple Servers:
.IRC is a multi-server application. It can host up to 99
clients on one server. Each window has it’s own settings and
The main window has a buddy list with options for filtering
out other users.

System Requirements For .IRC:

Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Windows® Vista SP2 / Windows® XP SP3 (SP2 or SP3 recommended)
Processor: Intel® Core™ 2 Duo, AMD Phenom™ X2
Recommended System Requirements:
OS: Windows® 7
Processor: Intel® Core™ 2 Duo
Installed Disk Space: 10 GB
License Number:
In order to make the conversion of the software to your native language


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