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Who is the wuss in this scenario?

Consider this scenario:
Q: Who is the “real wuss”?
A: Someone who’s afraid of making a blunder and saying the wrong thing.
B: Someone who’s afraid of being misunderstood or who’s afraid of saying the wrong thing.
C: Someone who’s afraid of making a mistake and doing the wrong thing.
D: Someone who’s afraid of getting into a verbal tussle.
E: Someone who’s afraid of having all his or her strong points made evident.
F: Someone who’s afraid of saying something he or she really doesn’t mean.
G: Someone who’s afraid of someone he or she cares about.
H: Someone who’s afraid of saying the wrong thing for the wrong reasons.


Our society is based on lies, not the truth. There are many reasons to lie, but one is to deceive others in order to avoid making a mistake.
Another one is to avoid getting into a verbal tussle.
We cannot be complete without admitting that we are afraid of getting into an argument. No one wants to be a coward.
According to the definition given, we are

Someone who’s afraid of making a

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