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lightweight (2kb) Java file uploader

Asynchronous form submission

Optional file validation

integrates with development workflow

free, open-source, Apache licensed

minimal configuration

how to install it…

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Install the prerequisites (optional):

make sure you have Java 1.5 or higher. If you’re using version 1.6 or higher of Java, you can use the jar files to make fastupload work, but you’ll need to use other resources (jars, native libraries) to make it work.

copy fastupload.jar into your WEB-INF/lib directory.

run fastupload

From the command line, run:

java -jar fastupload.jar [data] [uri]

See Usage.txt for more information.

extract the zip archive:

jar xf fastupload.jar

or run:

java -jar fastupload.jar -x

Use fastupload

Configure fastupload

Configuration is done through the file. The defaults can be overridden in this file.

A typical configuration file will look something like: Application







If your application uses an ORM-type database, you can also store the credentials in that application.

run fastupload

You’ll need to define a base directory for uploads. The default is /upload.

Once fastupload is initialized, it will run an endless loop, trying to process uploads in the configured directory. If there’s a file named data.dat, it will wait to receive the first byte of data to start upload.

If there is no file of the specified extension, or if fastupload does not have enough permissions to start uploading, an exception will be thrown.

When an upload is finished, a content-disposition header will be set, the file name will be set, and the file will be placed in a location configured by the application

Fastupload Free Download

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[iOS Developer’s Notes]
Version 0.7.0
Released October 26, 2013
Added options to set data usage alerts on router, modem, and network device.
Added ability to select a time range to only check for data usage over a specific time period.
Fixed bug with missing permissions when checking for data usage with slow connections.
Fixed bug with some rare JSON errors when using the ‘check’ options.
Fixed the inability to add/remove wireless networks.
Fixed a bug when attempting to use the system location for checking data usage.
Fixed a bug with some minor formatting errors.
Fixed a bug with some character encoding issues.
Changed the way data usage alerts are displayed.
Version 0.6.6
Released September 9, 2013
Fixed a bug with some formatting errors.
Fixed a bug with the ‘check’ option.
Version 0.6.5
Released August 19, 2013
Added ability to exclude appliances from the device list.
Added ability to search by address.
Added the ability to delete the temporary data cache.
Added ability to check data usage by VPN connection.
Version 0.6.4
Released June 13, 2013
Added ability to check for data usage by VPN connection.
Added ability to search for data usage.
Added ability to check for data usage on device list.
Version 0.6.3
Released April 10, 2013
Added ability

Fastupload Download

This project is based on Apache Commons FileUpload and therefore only supports uploading using the multipart MIME type.

MIT License

Quick Start:
To set up fastupload, you must first add the dependency to your build.gradle.
buildscript {
repositories {

dependencies {
classpath ‘’

plugins {
id ‘’

All that’s left is to add the plugin to your build.gradle.
buildscript {
repositories {

dependencies {
classpath ‘’

apply plugin: ‘’

The plugin is a multi-module build tool that can be used with Gradle.
To use fastupload you just need to add the plugin to your project and register a file upload form.
plugins {
id ‘’
id ‘’

task uploadFile(type: UploadFiles) {
doFirst {
// register the file upload form
fastupload() {
fileUpload {
// you can use any of these parameters:
// The path to the upload directory.

What’s New In Fastupload?

fastupload provides a lightweight component that allows Java developers to easily implement file upload functionality in their applications.
It can save the data into the file system. Unicode text files are supported and you can set file size limitations.

FastUpload f = new FastUpload();
f.addInputField(“fileInputField”, “file”, “text”, “”);
f.addField(new InputField(100, “description”, “text”));
f.addCommandButton(“save”, “Save”, “Save”);
f.addCommandButton(“cancel”, “Cancel”, “Cancel”);
try {
if (f.processRequest()) {

catch (Exception e) {


* FileName – The name of the file to be saved to the file system. *
* Size – The number of bytes in this file. If negative, the file size is *
* set to 1 MB. If the field is set to NULL or “” (empty), the file *
* size is set to -1 MB. *
* Location – The directory and file name into which to save this file. *
* Description – The description of this file. *
interface FileName extends Property {
default FileName setFileName(FileName fileName) {
setProperty(“fileName”, fileName);
return fileName;
default FileName getFileName() {
return getProperty(“fileName”);
default String getDescription() {
return getProperty(“description”);

* FileSize – The maximum number of bytes to be saved to the file system. *
* If the maximum file size is specified as negative, the size is set to *
* 1 MB. *
* Location – The directory and file name into which to save this file. *
* Description – The description of this file. *
interface FileSize extends Property {
default FileSize setFileSize(FileSize fileSize) {
setProperty(“fileSize”, fileSize);
return fileSize;
default FileSize getFileSize() {
return getProperty(“fileSize”);

* FileLocation – The directory and file name into which to save this file. *
* Description – The description of this file. *
interface FileLocation extends Property {
default FileLocation setLocation(FileLocation location) {
setProperty(“location”, location

System Requirements:

* Windows 7/8.1 (64 bit)
* 2.5 GHz Processor
* 1 GB RAM
* DirectX 9 Compatible Graphic Card
* 1280 x 800 Screen Resolution
* N/A
Additional Notes:
* Space Ships and Men are not included in this game, they are not supported by Iron Defense or I.O.E.M.
* Old iron is good! You should

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