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OpooSoft JPEG To PDF Converter Download

With OpooSoft PDF to JPG Converter you can quickly convert selected PDF files to JPG format.
OpooSoft PDF to JPG Converter scans and converts PDF files to image files and provides you with a number of options:
1. JPG picture mode – Outputs the original PDF as a printable document with the JPG picture mode.
2. JPG file format – Provides you the maximum file format output options.
3. Original PDF/JPG – Displays the PDF file and lets you edit it and use your own pictures.
4. Watermark – Provides you with two powerful features: change images and apply a watermark.
OpooSoft PDF to JPG Converter Features:
5. User friendly interface – Guarantees that even novice users can easily use this program.
6. Automatic watermark detection – Allows you to add or remove the watermarks to the PDFs easily.
7. Improved picture conversion engine – Helps you remove damaged pages, restore damaged and corrupted images, enhance colors and provide you with perfect file conversion results.
8. Patch for PDF – Add watermark to the PDFs via adding some watermark or apply some existing image to the PDFs.
9. Multiple output options – Allows you to choose the output methods according to your individual preferences.
10. Various image format support – The program supports many image formats: JPEG, BMP, TIFF, PNG and so on.
11. High quality output – Guarantees that you get the output in high quality.
12. Zero download limit – Opens the program in two modes:
– Zero download limit mode – Allows you to convert PDFs and watermark the results without having to download the program from the web.
– Unlimited download limit mode – Provides you with the program without any restrictions.
OpooSoft PDF to JPG Converter Free Download
1. Convert all PDFs to JPG files without having to download the program.
2. Help you add or remove the watermark to the PDFs.
3. Provides you with the additional options of setting the picture size and applying a watermark.
4. Helps you to enhance colors and remove damaged files/images.
5. You get the output in high quality and with no missing images or invalid files.
6. Can convert several files/folders to JPG files in a batch.
7. Displays the PDF file and lets you edit

OpooSoft JPEG To PDF Converter Activation Code With Keygen

OpooSoft PDF to PowerPoint Converter is an easy-to-use program that allows you to convert PDF files to PowerPoint format with a few clicks. It is ideal for Windows users who want to convert their PDF files to PowerPoint format, and it has useful features that help you to accomplish this task.
With this helpful tool, you can specify settings such as page layout (e.g. A4, A3), orientation, and margins, and it can be run as an add-in to Microsoft Word. You can also pick the output format (e.g. JPEG or PDF), set the DPI, change the watermark, and add bookmarks to the converted file. There are also some things you can do to ensure the quality of your file.

* Convert PDF to PowerPoint format and vice versa.
* This tool is designed to convert PDF files to PowerPoint formats, and it can help you to create professional-looking presentation files.
* The application lets you customize the size of your converted file, and you can decide whether you want to convert each page or the whole document as a separate file.
* You can specify the output format (e.g. PDF) and set watermarks and bookmarks. It can also convert whole PDF files at once.
* This tool comes with a simple interface and is easy to operate, making it easy to use.
* This program will work with any Windows version.

Price: $19.95 Size: 3.81 Mb

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OpooSoft JPEG To PDF Converter Free [32|64bit] [Latest] 2022

OpooSoft JPEG To PDF Converter is a simple application that allows its users to easily convert image files to PDF format.
Not too complicated to handle
The program is straightforward and can be configured by professionals and beginners alike. All you need to do is import files in the list, select the destination folder, and then proceed with the conversion. Also, you can add single files or whole folders at once.
After JPEG files are imported either using the browse button or drag-and-drop support, you can tweak the settings of the outcome PDF file the way you like.
Main functionality
The application supports various image formats, such as JPEG, BMP, TIFF, and PNG, and it comes with an impressive set of options. You can pick one of the predefined image size profiles (e.g. A3, A4, B5) or set up a user-defined size value by specifying the width and height of the outcome file.
You can select to have your pictures merged into a single PDF and create individual PDF files per image or per directory. It also lets you change the DPI (dots per inch), page orientation, photo position, and much more.
Other features
OpooSoft JPEG To PDF Converter comes with a wide range of additional features. You can set it to run at Windows startup or to turn off your computer once the conversion is done.
The program allows you to add bookmarks and watermarks (text or image). Also, you can set document properties, like title, author, subject, and keywords to help you organize your files. This tool lets you set up a password to your processed file to ensure that no one but you can access them.
Simple and efficient program
To sum it up, thanks to its simple options and fast conversion speed, OpooSoft JPEG To PDF Converter proves to be a reliable application when it comes to image file conversions to PDF format.
OpooSoft JPEG To PDF Converter Key Features:
Converts images to PDF in less than a minute.
Compresses all images for a much better conversion quality.
Simple and easy to use
No user-friendly interface needed.
No external applications required.
Captures and saves user settings.
Advanced Options
Runs on all Windows platforms.
Supports almost all image formats.
Integrated help system.
Supports language: English and German.
OpooSoft JPEG To PDF Converter

What’s New In?

1. Supports.jpeg,.jpg,.jpe,.jfif,.jfi,.jf,.jfif,.jfif,.jfi,.jfif,.jfif,.jfi
2. Supports watermarking
3. Supports bookmarking
4. Supports searching: First Page, Previous Page,
5. Supports all document properties: Index, Author, Title, Subject, Keywords, Permissions, Software,
6. Allows all picture formats, including.jpeg,.jpg,.jpe,.jfif,.jfi,.jf,.jfif,.jfi,.jfif,.jfif,.jfi.
7. Allows split files by size.
8. Allows password protected files.
9. Allows setting custom size and DPI.
10. Allows all page properties: Orientation, Left/Center/Right, Top/Center/Bottom
11. Allows one image per page
12. Allows PDF version to be set.
13. Runs on Windows 7/8/10.
14. Runs in minimized state, cannot be placed on the desktop.
– Extract to: Tab
– Reconvert to: Tab
– Merge to: Tab
– Start time: Status bar
– Startup: Alt+Tab
– Close: Alt+F4
– Open folder: Right click and Open folder
– New Folder: Tab
– Back: Tab
– Next: Tab
– Install: Tab
– Uninstall: Tab
– Help: Help
– About: Help
– Run as a starter: Alt+Start
– Options: Alt+D
– Help: Alt+H
– Plugin: Alt+I
– Exit: Alt+E
– Quit: Alt+F
– Compatibility View: View Tab
– Show notifications: Status bar
– Minimize: Ctrl+M
– Maximize: Alt+M
– Close active window: Alt+W
– Select all: Ctrl+A
– Change color scheme: Ctrl+B
– Automatically hide the taskbar and window list: View tab
– Default display settings: Option tab
– Reset settings: Tab
– Close other document: F9
– Show other documents: Ctrl+S
– Open files: Ctrl+O
– Close: Ctrl+Q
– Zoom: Ctrl+P
– Back

System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8 (64-bit)
Processor: Core 2 Duo (Intel) or AMD Athlon 64 X2 (64-bit)
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 7800 / ATI Radeon HD 4850 / Intel HD Graphics 4000 / AMD HD 6000
Hard Drive: 40 GB available space
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Resolution: 1280 x 720
Capture Area: 1280 x 720


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