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Here’s the description of PCS WebGantt, which includes a free demo:
* Full-featured project management software with unlimited projects and unlimited budgets!
* Easy to use and learn! No coding needed to create charts!
* No graphical editors required to create charts!
* Unlimited support from the developer team!
* Graphical timeline charts can be exported to PDF and HTML!

PCS WebGantt is a very powerful Gantt charting program that generates a
timeline chart of your project in a variety of timeline formats (basic or
advanced). You can easily customise the look of the charts and then export
them in a variety of formats (html, pdf, xhtml, imap, wml, etc.). You can
use the charting program with unlimited projects and budgets. The charting
program also automatically creates reports to provide you with detailed
project and budget information.

PCS WebGantt also includes an extensive set of features such as the ability to
define custom task types, tasks, resource types, resource usage and much
more. You can create multiple project timeframes for ease of reference.

PCS WebGantt requires Delphi 5 or better (Delphi 7 is supported in the
upcoming major version of PCS WebGantt). An InterBase database (Delphi or
other database) is also required to store the project’s data. One file is
required to store the graphic of the chart on the server.

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Developed in.NET 1.1/3.5;
Designed to be very simple to use;
HTML Client – simply drops a DIV on your web page, and it’s ready to use!
Define and view all of your dates as markers (or times using the’m’ parameter);
Move, delete, and group markers using drag and drop to customize your view;
Format the markers using the ‘f’ parameter (see example output below);
Support for many types of GanttViews (e.g. horizontal, vertical, horizontal row, or vertical row);
Support for time sliders to define date ranges;
Optional support for color and background transparency, white-on-black, and even color-coded tasks to make your project timeline easy to track;
Completely scriptable using Microsoft Interop;
No other software or 3rd party components are required!


View a single Gantt, or display as many Gantt’s as you like!
Position, resize, and hide each Gantt easily using drag and drop!
Add, move, and delete markers (dates) easily!
Add a marker to a location using a slider or textbox, etc.
Add a marker at a specific date using the’m’ parameter, or ‘t’ (time) to display a time/date marker!
Format dates using the ‘f’ parameter (see below)
Markers can be grouped using drag-and-drop to keep related tasks together!
Toggle markers (toggle them between displayed or hidden) to highlight changes in a project schedule!
Marker formatting allows you to change all of the date/time format parameters, as well as set the color and background transparency, and also to make task-related markers have different colors and backgrounds than other markers!
Collapsed and expanded markers using the ‘c’ parameter.
Display dates using a date slider to define a specific date range, or using the ‘d’ parameter to display all dates for a project!
Display a dedicated area of the chart with your task names using the ‘t’ parameter.
Optional support for the’m’ parameter to add a horizontal row of markers to graph the time vs date plan of your project!
Optional support for the ‘h’ parameter to display the horizontal row

WebGantt Free

Getting Started with WebGantt:

WebGantt Glossary:

WebGantt Pre-Pro

Subtitles for the Pre-Pro:

WebGantt Chart Types:

Subtitles for WebGantt Chart Types:

WebGantt Chart Backgrounds:

What’s New in the?

Multi-project Gantt charts with detailed drill-down of subtasks that are never required to jump in the middle of the project.
Native HTML Gantt without a client-side Gantt control. No external references are required to view the chart! You can view it directly in the browser!
Native HTML Gantt where the chart is completely contained within the HTML. There are no additional controls required on the page – just the Gantt chart! To display the chart, it has built-in Javascript methods to provide an ‘expand to show / hide’ method of viewing the details for that row.


Multi-project Gantt charts
Native HTML Gantt – The Gantt chart is included in the HTML pages that are generated
Indented subtasks – multiple different levels of indentation are supported for Gantt chart items. Only the leaf (top level) items are visible on the final rendered Gantt chart. When you collapse a task, only its subtasks are shown, not the task itself
No Javascript required

Getting Started:

Click here for a complete example. All you need is the JavaScript required to setup an entry form to submit a project schedule. You will be able to download an example project Schedule, which contains a 4-Week Schedule of activities for a Software Development Project. Once you have created your schedule, all you have to do is to simply view the Schedule as a standalone Gantt chart, with no effort required. If you don’t already have a web site, you will want to register a domain name for your website and then build a simple HTML page. You will also need to install the necessary extensions to enable the Gantt chart functionality.
You can also view a demonstration of the Gantt chart directly in your web browser.

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