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Step 3: After downloading this plugin, now download and install V.2.0 of .
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Step 1: Run the setup file and follow the on-screen instructions to install the application.
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AutoCAD Electrical 2012 64-bit. you want to replace AutoCAD Electrical 2012 with AutoCAD 2013 or AutoCAD 2010.. Autodesk.
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Work Area of a function in more than one dimension

Is there an easy way to compute the work area of a function in more than one dimension?
The approach I have in mind is to simply “flatten” the input function f over a number of dimensions to f’ and compute the work space of f’. For example f could be:
f[x_, y_] = Sin[x y] + Cos[x^2] + Cos[y^3] + Tan[x]

and we would want to compute the work space of the function f. We could flatten the function f over the x and y, yielding f’ = Sin[x y] + Cos[x^2] + Cos[y^3] + Tan[x]. A naive approach is to substitute this into the definitions of FEMElement, for example, so that FEMElement[f’, xy] returns the work area defined by f’ in the plane of xy.
We can compute the work area without flattening the function f by using the input function option FunctionDomain. We can do this, for example, in polar coordinates:


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