Analog TV Radio Parameters Calculator Crack

Analog TV/Radio parameters calculator is a straightforward software application designed to determine the parameters necessary for putting together an analog TV or aerial radio. It's wrapped in a simple interface where you just have to enter the known values to perform a calculation.
Following a speedy, uncomplicated setup operation, you come face to face with a colorful interface, where each colored box represents a type of calculation.
Calculate inductance and capacitance to set up an analog TV or aerial radio
The orange box is dedicated to calculating inductance. In this case, you have to enter the wire and loop diameter (meters), along with the number of coil loops and relative permeability of the material.
By specifying the distance between the plates (meters), surface area of the plates (square meters) and relative permittivity of the material, you can calculate the capacitance (Farads) in the blue box.
Determine the resonant frequency and antenna
Moving on to the green box, Analog TV/Radio parameters calculator can be asked to determine the resonant frequency (Hertz) of an inductor-capacitor circuit based on the calculated inductance and capacitance.
Lastly, the yellow box can be used to calculate the length of resonant antenna corresponding to the inductor-capacitor circuit (meters for both monopole and dipole antenna). The tool computes everything and shows results right away. It doesn't work unless all necessary boxes and filled with data.
Straightforward and easy-to-use scientific calculator
Calculations were instantly carried out in our tests while the tool remained light on system resources consumption. Unfortunately, it doesn't have options implemented for saving results to file, printing, or at least copying everything to the clipboard.
Nevertheless, thanks to its intuitive interface and options, Analog TV/Radio parameters calculator offers a simple solution for those interested in making calculations related to analog TVs or aerial radio.







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Analog TV/Radio parameters calculator is an app for Android designed to calculate the parameters needed for setting up analog TV and aerial radio.
The calculator is simple and intuitive and designed for calculating only those parameters necessary for setting up an analog TV or aerial radio.
Analog TV/Radio parameters calculator – a helpful calculator for setting up analog TVs and aerial radios


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