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AutoCAD is based on AutoLISP, a general-purpose macro language; it has since evolved into a more feature-rich programming language. AutoCAD is compatible with the Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems. AutoCAD can be used for both 2D and 3D design, and is an effective application for general civil, transportation, and mechanical design work.

With over 30 years of continuous development, AutoCAD has been considered and adopted as the industry standard by architects, engineers, and drafters of all types and disciplines. An annual survey in 2019 found that AutoCAD was the most-used commercial CAD program on the market.


AutoCAD was developed by Paul Aiken, who was working as a systems engineer at ADAMS Associates, Inc. in Kansas City, Missouri, while doing freelance CAD work. In response to the introduction of AutoLISP, the macro language, into AutoCAD in 1985, Aiken decided to develop the next version of AutoCAD using the PowerBuilder macro language. PowerBuilder had been developed as an extension to the C++ programming language. The idea of using a macro language, such as AutoLISP, led to a faster development time for new AutoCAD features.

The first AutoCAD prototype version, AutoCAD 1.0, was released on 30 December 1982 and first ran on an IBM PC XT, with the “Mark III” x86 (also known as 80286) CPU and 640K RAM. This prototype version was released by ADAMS Associates, Inc. on 30 November 1984.

The first program of AutoCAD to be released commercially was Autodesk Inventor in April 1986; this was Autodesk’s third software product. AutoCAD was developed concurrently with Autodesk Inventor, and the core CAD functionality was first released in Autodesk Inventor 1.0 on 18 April 1986.


In 1989, Autodesk introduced Autodesk Inventor Pro (Inventor Pro was available on a subscription basis, with annual billing). AutoCAD was priced at US$1,995 in 1989, rising to US$2,995 in 1992. Starting in 1992, Autodesk began offering AutoCAD in a student edition, then in 1994 with a reseller edition, and in 1995 with a consumer edition. A new consumer edition called Auto

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Autodesk Runtime
AutoCAD’s modeling and drawing applications are encapsulated in the AutoCAD Runtime, formerly called ADR or ARA (Advance Render Architecture) which is a 64-bit application that provides access to AutoCAD drawings. The AutoCAD Runtime is a 32-bit application that is included as part of AutoCAD or can be installed separately. The Runtime allows client applications such as Windows Forms applications and Rich Internet Applications (RIA) to integrate into the AutoCAD environment. The AutoCAD Runtime can be included in a CD or DVD.

Autodesk released an RT version of AutoCAD in 2011. This is now an online version of AutoCAD for the web, and can be integrated with third-party applications.

Third-party products and services
In the early years of AutoCAD, there were few third-party products which were compatible with Autodesk’s native AutoCAD applications. A list of products that are compatible with AutoCAD is given below.


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Select the tool “AutoCAD”, and double-click the icon.
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To generate a new one, press Ctrl+A (Windows) or Command+A (mac) and copy and paste the key into the box below.

The new key is valid for 30 days, you will need to renew it before it expires. To renew it, click on the “Renew” button in the top right corner.

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What’s New in the?

Better markup assist:

Preview support for tags

Enhancements for text

Text properties support for polylines and polygons

Enhancements for polylines

Enhancements for rectangle tool

Color selection improvements:

Support for a new “mixed” setting for stroke/fill

New brush supports:

New pixel brush set for editing

Enhanced gradient brush for Photoshop-like effects

Enhanced line brush for line art

Enhanced scatter brush for splatter

Enhanced level brush for walls and floors

Enhanced tapered brush for splattered/cobbled surfaces

Enhanced freehand brush for sketching

Better support for advanced pen-based drawing tools

New feature: Select object as graphics or color

Graphing and curve improvement:

Gradients: New gradient brush set

Curves: New brush set and improved curve tools

Linked graphics: New features for importing objects from another CAD application, such as Autodesk Inventor.

Improved graphing features:

Improvements for curves

Improved parametric options

Improved graphing parameters

Improvements for scatter/splatter

New tools:

New text tool sets:

Ellipse tool

Rectangle tool

Polygon tool

Arc tool

Sweep tool

Line tool

Dot tool

Round tool

Button tool

Nudge tool

Dimension tool

Ribbon tool

Square tool

Pen tool

Toolbox improvements:

New option for geometry editor: Rasterize and/or render all objects

New option for drawing tools: Erase lines and freehand

New option for editing tools: Erase lines and freehand

New tool buttons for editing tools

New option for editing tools: Erase lines and freehand

New command buttons for editing tools

Added option to select last used active tool

Added options to select last used active tool and all selected tools

Added options to select last used active tool and all selected tools

Toolbars can be expanded/collapsed

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

Game Guide:
● A Windows computer with an Intel Core i3-2120 CPU or better
● 1 GB (1,536 MB) of RAM
● 16 GB of free hard disk space
● DirectX 11 graphics card with a 128-bit shader level and above
● Windows 7 64-bit
● HDV 1280×720
● PAL (PAL50)
● The game must be downloaded to your computer.
● For best experience on PC, please use DirectX 11 or above graphics card and OS of Windows

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