Quitar Logo De Swift Shader 30 82


Quitar Logo De Swift Shader 30 82

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Quitar Logo De Swift Shader 30 82

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Ignoring duplicates with regex in perl

I’m using a regular expression to parse some text. I’m using the /g flag, so that it gets the full match.
$my_string = ‘Here are some nice comments.’;
my $match =”;
my $re = qr{]*?class=”comments”>};

The problem is that I get two matches: one for the first class=”comments” tag and one for the second one.
Can someone please tell me how I can modify my regular expression so that it ignores the second tag, so that I get the whole match:
Here are some nice comments.

Thanks in advance, Tim


The problem is that you are matching whereas the first one is just .
One possible fix would be to add the second p to your regex. Alternatively, you could keep the first p but add a condition to check if there is a after it. This would allow you to ignore the second p.
Here’s a working example of the latter,
my $match =”;
my $re = qr{]*?>};

Understanding the


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