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Bitmap Vectorizer

Version: 4.24

Released: July 21, 2008

License: GNU General Public License (GPL)


Bitmap Vectorizer – Free Small Business Software

Bitmap Vectorizer is used by graphic designers and hobbyists to make sketches on Microsoft Windows. It is designed to be a small, fast and easy to use application.
Some of the features of Bitmap Vectorizer include:

Simple interface

High quality vector output

Flexible filters

Advanced drawing tools

As well as being a powerful and easy to use vector drawing tool Bitmap Vectorizer also has powerful, free vector manipulation features built in.
You can change the size of any vector drawn by Bitmap Vectorizer by clicking on the edges and corners of the object to resize it. You can also resize the canvas to get a better ratio of the original image when you are working with it.
When you are finished drawing just click on the Clear button to erase what has been drawn and create a new drawing. When you are satisfied with your vector drawing you can copy and paste the image onto another document.

Preview your vector drawing

You can preview your vector drawing using Windows Preview, which is included in the default Windows installation.
Alternatively you can use the included Fast PDF. This is an easy way to create a quick PDF document of your vector artwork. To do this just select a vector element in your drawing and click the Create PDF button. The program will create a small thumbnail image of the selected element and place it inside your document. This makes it easy to annotate your drawing with notes, comments and other information.

Importing and exporting images

Bitmap Vectorizer can import TIFF and JPEG images with a variety of formats and size but can only export PDF files.
Bitmap Vectorizer has a built in emailing tool to send your drawings directly to a recipient.
When exporting you can change the size and quality of the files and add your own watermark for the top left corner.


You can also work with Bitmap Vectorizer using an optional third party extensions library.
There are several image manipulation extensions that are available to use with Bitmap Vectorizer.
The Image To BMP extension allows Bitmap Vectorizer to convert a JPEG or T

Bitmap Vectorizer Crack

Bitmap Vectorizer enables you to select a BMP image that contains geometric shapes which it will vectorize. The polygon vertices are marked with red and blue squares, while edges are drawn in light and dark gray.
Thanks to the fact that Bitmap Vectorizer is completely written in the Java programming language there should be no problems in deploying it across a variety of platforms.
One of the advantages of the tool is that it supports a wide range of image types, allowing you to choose between BMP, GIF, JPEG, JPG, PNG, TIFF or various formats for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Linux or Amiga OS.
Bitmap Vectorizer Features:
– Scalable vector graphics (SVG).
– Embedding JPEG, PNG, TIFF and GIF support.
– Export to the following formats: CGM, EMF, PDF, GIF, JPEG, JPG, PNG, SVG and TIFF.
– Software Requirements: Java version 6 or later.
– Requires the Java Runtime Environment (JRE).
– Approximate of 1.3 Mb.
– License: GNU General Public License.
– Handling of graphic files is in compliance with the concepts of international standards GISS, IEC, ICC, IPUP, OFL, W3C, SVG.
– All patents are covered.Q:

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Bitmap Vectorizer Download [Updated]

Select a BMP image to vectorize.
Select the output dimensions (in pixels) of the vector image. The output dimensions can be defined in pixel area
(pixels per inch) or in pixels in a square format.
Accept the BMP option.

Vectorized BMP Image (Default, width x height: 300 x 300 pixels)

Vectorized BMP Image (300 x 300 pixels)

Vectorized BMP Image (in inches)

Vectorized BMP Image (inches)

Vectorize a BMP image with the most popular tool:

Select this option to vectorize an image from the JResource’s contents.

Open Resource’s Map.

Select a desired image to vectorize.
The image will be searched in the folder’res’.

Vectorized BMP Image (New Folder: res)

Reasons for using Bitmap Vectorizer
The most important reason for using Bitmap Vectorizer is the following.
If you have to vectorize a large number of BMP images, then the time required to do so could become a serious problem.
To combat this problem Bitmap Vectorizer vectorizes the BMP images in the background while your program is running.
This way Bitmap Vectorizer only takes a fraction of the time that it would take to vectorize your images manually.

Bitmap Vectorizer Features

Your BMP files will always be handled in the most secure and safe way. The following are just a few of the many important features of Bitmap Vectorizer.

Automatically vectorizes BMP images. The number of vector points will automatically be calculated and you do not have to specify the number of vector points manually.

Select the output size of the vectorization image by specifying its x and y dimensions in pixels or in points (an inch). The vectorization image will always be in the same output size.

Select the output file format which the vectorization image will be exported to.

Select the color of the edges.

Select the color of the points.

Select the color of the background and the color of the grid (if the output image is vectorized in a grid).

Set the output resolution to 96 dpi and 300 dpi.

Set the image type to be embedded in the output image.

Save the output image in a BMP or JPEG format.

Bitmap Vectorizer Requirements

What’s New In Bitmap Vectorizer?

Select a BMP image containing geometric shapes and edit the image.
Add/modify/delete/move the borders of the shapes using the keyboard.
Add text to each shape using the mouse cursor.
Vectorize selected shapes with automatic edge smoothing.
When finished, export the selected vectors to several vector formats.

Geometric shapes:

Select geometric shapes (polygon, line, circle etc) using the keyboard.
Auto-orient the shapes.
Copy/cut/paste the shape vertices.
Delete vertices from the shapes.
Merge shapes.
Add/edit/delete text to the shapes (fonts).

The program has a unique (and quite informative) user’s guide. After installation you must open the folder containing the program (i.e. your installation directory) and run it by double-clicking on the executable file. The user’s guide contains basic information about the program features, the steps to follow to vectorize a bitmap, how to export vector objects and much more.
Here are some screenshots of the Bitmap Vectorizer in action:

Click on a mouse button to select a shape, hold Shift and click on another shape to merge them into a single object.

When finished vectorizing, export the shapes to various formats. If you need to change the file extension you can do it using the list of supported formats.

Project structure:

Download Bitmap Vectorizer (2.0, 528 kB):

Installation of Bitmap Vectorizer is not complicated. The program is included with the archive. Simply unzip it and run it with the executable Bitmap Vectorizer.exe.
To start the program in full screen mode you must activate it via a keyboard shortcut.

Save your work and quit the program when finished vectorizing. When you’re done, copy the selected objects to your clipboard and paste them into your drawing program.

Below you can find a step-by-step guide showing how to vectorize a BMP image using Bitmap Vectorizer.

Bitmap Vectorizer version 2.0

Step 1 – Opening the program and opening an image

Bitmap Vectorizer will work with any bitmap images.

Double-click on the program icon to start the application.

A sample BMP image will be opened in the main window.

Bitmap Vectorizer uses only true single-color pixels and no anti-ali

System Requirements:

Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7/Macintosh
Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7/Macintosh
Memory: 128MB RAM
Graphics: GMA950/945 GPU
Hard Disk: 200MB
Can Be Played In Fullscreen Mode
Micro USB:Yes
Sound Card:Yes
Additional Information:
If you wish to download the game with an exe file just click download link, so you can install it easily.

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