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The official description of Qt Eclipse Integration:

The main reason for moving away from Qt Eclipse Integration was the switch to Qt 5. However, the lack of development makes this product way behind its predecessors.
For those who plan to take the plunge, the following links might prove useful:

[qt-eclipse] Installation on Ubuntu (14.04)

[qt-eclipse] Installation on Debian 7.0 (wheezy)

[qt-eclipse] Installation on Debian 8.0 (jessie)

[qt-eclipse] Download

[qt-eclipse] Wiki

[qt-eclipse] Comparison

[qt-eclipse] Contact

[qt-eclipse] Forum

[qt-eclipse] Releases

[qt-eclipse] Download

[eclipse-form] Install

[eclipse-form] Documentation

[eclipse-form] How to install

[eclipse-form] How to uninstall

[qt-eclipse] Wiki

[qt-eclipse] Downloads

[qt-eclipse] Formal system requirements

[qt-eclipse] Formal system requirements (updated 2016-11-07)

[eclipse-form] Formal system requirements

[eclipse-form] Formal system requirements (updated 2017-01-24)

[qt-eclipse] Tutorials

[qt-eclipse] Formal tutorial

[qt-eclipse] Requirements

Qt Eclipse Integration Support


Eclipse Version for Qt Eclipse Integration

Eclipse version support for Qt Eclipse Integration:

Eclipse version that Qt Eclipse Integration support:


















Eclipse Version

4.7 (4.8.0, 4.8.1, 4.8.2)

4.8 (4.9.0,

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The Eclipse Software Development Platform (SDK) is a suite of free and open-source tools for building and developing Qt applications on the Linux and Windows platforms.
This package provides a set of tools (Qt Designer for Windows, Qt Designer for Mac, qt-designer-plugin for GNOME, Qt Creator for KDE, qt-designer-plugin for X11, and qt-creator for X11) that allow you to create and edit Qt programs.
This package contains the Qt Eclipse Integration which provides a set of features to start Qt Designer from within Eclipse.
Qt Eclipse Integration provides a set of features to start Qt Designer from within Eclipse. Using this feature you can create and edit Qt designer projects from within Eclipse.

Qt Project Description:

The Qt project is an open source set of tools (Qt designer, for instance) that permit the creation of programs using an object-oriented approach. The Qt framework is available in different platforms including Windows, Linux, Mac and others.
This package contains the standalone package of Qt Eclipse Integration that provides a set of features to start Qt Designer from within Eclipse.Q:

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Qt Eclipse Integration 0.9.7 With License Key Download

The main aim of Qt Eclipse Integration is the development of GUI components with Qt, using the Eclispe IDE.



Qt Eclipse Integration is a product of Nokia that intends to provide programmers with a set of Qt development tools within the Eclipse platform. It is an open-source project, therefore use inside commercial environments is permitted without restrictions.
Under the hood
Qt Eclipse Integration consists of multiple components that are deployed directly inside Eclipse, which is, obviously, a mandatory dependency. However, compatibility with newer versions of Eclipse might be an issue, as the program hasn’t received updates in quite a while.
The integration with Eclipse is done automatically during the installation process, therefore little efforts will be required on your side, at least as far as setup is concerned. Nonetheless, it goes without saying, programming skills are a must in order to master its functionality.
An essential set for Qt development
The core of Qt Eclipse Integration is the Qt designer, which is responsible for editing and managing forms in a guided manner. The support is extended by the built-in wizards that provide assistance in what the creation of new projects and classes is concerned.
Other highlights include an editor for.pro files, the possibility to build setups with support for RCC, UIC and MOC compilers, as well as various designer templates (mostly dialogs and widgets) and documentation on Qt development.
The unfortunate twist
The development on Qt Eclipse Integration appears to have ceased. Despite popular request to continue the project, Nokia has shifted focus on much bigger projects, such as Qt. The latter is a better alternative at this point, since it complies with more modern technologies.
Qt Eclipse Integration Description:
The main aim of Qt Eclipse Integration is the development of GUI components with Qt, using the Eclispe IDE.Q:

Storing data in a thread variable

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What’s New in the?

Dries has called into question the need for Qt 5 in the post Jambi 9 times. He has posted many great posts, like, I am completely new to Qt and don’t know which components of Qt5 I should start out learning with, he posts about the Qt5 components. He already knows what he likes, and what he doesn’t.
It is very interesting to hear people’s opinion about Qt5 so here I post my opinion.
In my opinion, Qt is quite nice framework, and it helps a lot of people. It’s a great framework with a well designed API for both desktop and mobile so you don’t have to do anything different.
That’s all it does, has everything covered. That’s what makes it great. (Dries talking about Jambi and Qt)
However, for a larger project, there are many things needed in order to take a system to production, so as Dries said, Jambi will always be there.
Qt 5 is not needed for small projects.
We have pretty good IDE support in Jambi and Nokia provides great documentation. And we also can used Qt 5 for larger projects which have more features and testing needs.
I think Jambi (JAVA) is superior in desktop implementation but it has problems with memory. Even worse, can’t compile the same file in the same computer on different computer. So there are some tricks here, but I haven’t found them yet. I will keep searching until I find them.
So I don’t know if the problems Dries mentioned are true or not. I try to get it right for as long as Jambi is under development.
Qt for larger projects was always there and there is no need to switch to another framework.

I have just downloaded Eclipse Mars, and have installed PyDev. But when I do “run as” Python script, it opens a window, but when I choose Python 2.7, it doesn’t load my script. I’ve tried moving my script to a different file, changing the Python interpreter in Eclipse, and going into properties and choosing the
“uses-library” and pointing it to my Python 3.4.2 installation, but this does not work. Any ideas?

On both Windows and Linux, you will get the following error:
Access is denied

System Requirements For Qt Eclipse Integration:

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