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TIMERstick is a professional application designed to enable you to manage your employees timetables. The application features unlimited numbers of stamping places, employees, customers, departments and jobs.







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*Add timers for all the employees and customers.
*Supports unlimited users of one or more Timerstick accounts.
*Provide calendar & Timerstick status.
*Provides a session timer for companies.
*Provides file printing and file backup service.
*Allows administrators to restrict access to the application to a specified group of users.
*Manage the service center applications.
*One-time setup.
*Fully customizable with an option to add your company’s logo.
You can easily set up an online server with 1 worker or 5 workers.
You can also apply to vpn server client configuration.

Simple app that lets you control your wireless connections AND wired connections. No more running around in the dark in search of that elusive ethernet cable. The goal is to provide a simple-to-use app with robust features, all for the price of zero.
* Connect to WiFi or LAN (Ethernet) connections
* View the names of the connected WiFi and LAN network interface cards
* Change the IP addresses of the connected WiFi and LAN network interface cards
* View the subnet mask of the connected WiFi and LAN network interface cards
* Toggle WiFi power saving mode on/off
* Enable/disable the WiFi radio on/off
* View your IP address
* Block or unblock internet access
* View your ping times
* Control your Wi-Fi hotspot
* Change your network’s name, SSID and security mode
* Enable/disable automatic configuration
* View the connected mobile and wired network interfaces on your device
* Limit the data rate
* Change the IP addresses of the connected mobile and wired network interfaces on your device
* Block or unblock your mobile or wired network connections
* Enable the backup mode
* Change your mobile or wired network’s name, SSID and security mode
* Change your mobile or wired network’s IP addresses

Cordialus is a unique application to check and monitor programs that are running on the PC. Unlike other applications that monitor only the program – Cordialus allow you to monitor processes in the background. With the help of this utility you can check your system and program activity in the background. All your processes are loaded with this app – you won’t miss anything in the background. You can easily switch your task in any other one with the help of hot keys – just press a hot

TIMERstick Crack +

\- Unlimited seats, employees, customers, departments and jobs
\- Automatically calculates and prints timetables for all stamping
places and employees.
\- Tell your employees when to show up
\- Import calendars from Google Calendar
\- Export to CSV file
TIMERstick Free Download Features:
\- Unlimited stamping places
\- Unlimited employees
\- Unlimited customers
\- Unlimited departments
\- Unlimited jobs
User-friendly interface

User-friendly software easily manageable
Automatically calculates and prints timetables for all stamping places and employees

Adaptive dialer
It’s the feature that will help you guide your employees

Powerful online ordering system for the audiovisual equipment
You can order an unlimited number of products, and they are always available.

Support for multiple sites
Your customer support can improve the number of visitors to your site. It includes user-friendly design.

24-hour support
Before using this software, it is recommended to learn the basic operations. After you have used this software for a few days, you will get accustomed to it.
Download (12MB)
Download (4.2MB)

What is the difference in the layout of the menu
You can easily get a certain page by clicking the left-hand side of each folder
That can be accessed easily by a user

This application is composed of categories

This application has many features, such as
\- Printing schedules for employees and customers
\- Ordering of products,
\- Home page for user can be viewed in the menu

Information about the use of this app is given below

Stimulate the interest of the user by keeping the cost of the cost of the menuThis layer will be added once the ‘Top of the Task List’ feature is applied to the map. All required fields and the schedule must be filled-out for the task to be added. You can view a sample of the completed checklist here.

Attachment Details

You can also attach your most recent credit card statements or bank statements for your record. For more detailed information and examples of how to do so, please see the information below.


You can attach a.pdf to your credit card statement, have your bank statement added to your account

TIMERstick Activator

* Currently developed to handle MIT0011 type of jobs (1 hour intervals) and MIT0013 type of jobs (2 hours intervals)
* The main window shows a list of jobs and availability check boxes on the top. Each job is described by a window with an adjustable text box and a switch to show or hide that job in the main window.
* There are two frames on each row of jobs: one frame contains four comboboxes and another frame contains three buttons. The comboboxes are for viewing, editing and canceling a job, while the buttons allow to add and remove jobs from the list. The button at the end of the comboboxes acts as a “back to list” button.
* Two “TIMERstick tree of jobs” windows allow to view and edit the name, job type and employee names of all jobs and to manage reminders. Two other windows allow to see the active and free time for all employees, to edit and view the time recording and time recalculations and to edit the name of a time recording.
The project has a graphical user interface using the.NET framework. Our clients are using this application in their companies as a front end for many different applications, they give us feedbacks if some small bugs should be fixed or if some features should be added.
What we aim to do:
* The features of the project (new and possible existing) should be described in the help file. Also we need to provide a step by step documentation with screenshots.
Our Requirements:
* Besides having a well documented project, we need to have a source code control (Git). We would prefer to work with.NET code instead of C# and Java languages.
* We will provide a fixed price (plus late payment fees).
Please only submit a quote if you are able to make it work without any major additional work for our team (such as programming, documentation, testings,…).
Please contact me for a quote.
Thanks for your time.
Kind regards
Project Duration: 60 days
Monthly Terms
Fixed price (Plasticker CCK12359K)
Monthly Terms
Fixed price (Plasticker CCK12359)

…Md for advertising on their site.
I have a landing page ready, and would like to add a widget to the home page that would allow visitors to read our text, share it on social media, and sign up for

What’s New in the TIMERstick?

TIMERstick includes a card reader that enables you to add, delete or edit data related to employee’s time and shift cards.
TIMERstick enables you to create, edit or delete employees and departments.
TIMERstick includes an advanced report generator that generates reports according to your needs. 
Reports allow you to see: employees’ timekeeping activities, number of cycles that each employees’ work,  number of employees, departments’ total work, hours worked and number of breaks taken per day.
TIMERstick allows you to monitor the number of lost and damaged work schedules.
TIMERstick comes with an integrated company directory.

TIMERstick provides various optional modules like managing stamps, stock, approvals, report, payroll.
TIMERstick is a suitable tool for small and large companies.


“Employee scheduling tools” are usually made for manual scheduling of particular tasks within a business. That’s what we did when I ran my own company.
Most payroll/time tracking software allows you to schedule employees (usually during the payroll/time tracking cycle) to work certain periods of time. So you might not have to do it manually every day if you schedule employees to work for a few hours on Saturday, and make them work for the rest of the day on Sunday. That’s more or less the manual portion of the operation.
From there, the process of tracking time, invoicing customers, and logging the time for the business is automated, with the software typically gathering that data from some source (phone calls with customers, invoices, time logs, etc.).

Treasure Trove
Stamp Scheduler

Treasure Trove is a graphical application and allows for batch scheduling, while Stamp Scheduler is a library that can be integrated into your code. Neither are as sophisticated as what you’re describing.
There’s a built in employee scheduling app to the payroll software called “Time Tracker Pro” that is built into the same “OfficeSelect Pro” software. It seems to do what you want, I haven’t used it though. From what I can tell the app is available for free with OfficeSelect Pro, but I’m not sure if it includes employee scheduling. The version without scheduling seems to require registration.

As soon as we came in from the stairs, everyone scrambled for the water and

System Requirements For TIMERstick:

Intel CPU or AMD CPU with 4GB RAM or more
19GB+ RAM for Windows 8.1 64-bit
1GB RAM for Windows 7 64-bit
32-bit (for 32-bit OS) or 64-bit (for 64-bit OS)
NVIDIA GeForce 8600 series or ATI Radeon HD 2800 series or higher with 256MB+ memory (GeForce 8800 and higher is recommended)
Minimum of 2GB video memory for DirectX 11 games
Windows 7, Windows 8.1 or


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