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They apparently live for about a year, mutually fertilize each other, lay eggs, and die.
– They kill? I asked.
Manet, thinking hard, intertwined his fingers:
We saw three swallows and one dove, which left a trail in the sand. I think they are the victims.
“Five years ago, a fisherman told me that the turtles killed the oar from the boat and entered the water.
“I don’t know, but I think they throw their dead babies into the water so they don’t get too cold so they can bask, and then they come back to the island again and copulate with them.
Monet was silent for a while, then added:
“And the swallows don’t do anything, they only lay small eggs.
From that moment on, the conversation became general. There were many details similar to what we observed in Senegal. On the islands, as in the Seine, we saw a lot of shore swallows.
When they laid their eggs, at first (from autumn to spring) large dark spots appeared on the dry ground under the trees, and at the end of summer, about a month before the first chick was born, the spots disappeared.
We also saw hornbills (or, as they are also called, flycatchers), nesting in trees and prone to fly to the ground at the most opportune moments.
But most of all we met piscomins nesting on land.
We saw them several times, and once we were just walking along the shore, and we were surprised by the number of these birds nesting on the ground.
I invite you, the reader, to compare our impressions of the Senegal swallows with the impressions given in our diary up to this point.
A dried-up riverbed, the banks of which are devoid of vegetation. Two rows of even trunks of palm trees about twenty meters high. The smell of hot sand and squat bushes that marked the perimeter of the bay stood out clearly against the intrusive smell of seaweed and rotten fish.
Not far from the shore, on a strip of sand, five hundred meters wide, one could see red pebbles, well known to us from photographs. That’s all that immediately caught my eye when we approached the shore.
There were no birds in sight, but on



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