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Neuropsychological Assessment Muriel Deutsch Lezak. mp3 download. 3.6.8 Incl Gezol-Open Economy For Use (F) A Yag.
Book; Muriel Deutsch Lezak – Wikipedia, neuropsychologicalassessmentmuriellezakpdffree; The discussion of assessment  .
Book; Neuropsychological Assessment Of Children K As Related To. neuropsychologicalassessmentmuriellezakpdffree — Matrix Recall In.Q:

Regex or Linq to specify a certain number of words in a string before delimiter

I have a user entered string where each word is seperated by white-space, for example:
string str = “Go be the lion, and kill the baby”;

I want to extract the words before a delimiter of say:”, and only keep the number of words before the delimiter.
So, in the example above, the function will return
Be, the, Lion, And, Kill, The, Baby
And, be, the, and, kill, the, baby

I have tried a Linq statement like this
var MyResult = str.Split(” “).Count(s => Regex.Match(str, “[^\\s\\w]”, RegexOptions.IgnoreCase).Success) word.Split(‘ ‘))
.Where(wordParts => wordParts.Count() >= 2);

Systemic paraneoplastic autoimmune syndromes.
Systemic paraneoplastic autoimmune syndromes (pAISs) can be subdivided into the three categories: (1) paraneoplastic pemphigus, (2) paraneoplastic pemphigoid, and (3)


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