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The Reanimator VST plugin contains a granular pitch shifter, a stutter / repeater with semi random behaviour and a sonograph to see it’s inner beauty.









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The Key macro works as an internal VST instrument plugin.

What’s in it:

– Pitch shifter that simulates an organ or synth with a very high/low end
– Stutter with percussive and pulsing behaviour
– Repeater with random patterns (usable on individual notes as well as on entire part of a song)
– A loud and clear sonograph for all your sonic beautification needs

After compiling keymacro, open the plugin in your VST plugin manager (VST Plugins > Install/Uninstall).

Steps to install it:

– Click on Keymacro > Hosted URL (If you are not prompted to do so)
– Click on: GET
– Click on Submit
– Click on OK

How to Use it:

Open the plugin and let it sit for a while

After a while, you will see a small hint in the bottom left of your screen

Click on the hint to change it to the Key macro. You will now see a very clear view of the instrument in your plugin manager.

You can now play the instrument. To play notes, you must first click on the note. Once you do so, the instrument will play the note on a dedicated channel. Click on the pulse icon (it will be yellow) to hear the pulsing behaviour (it is not on the note)

You can play a note as many times as you want, after that the Note will be Reset. Simply play another note and it will play.

Keys are not monophonic. You can record and edit your notes at any time. When you play a note, it will play like it was one long note (very low volume). After you click on the pulse icon, it will go back to it’s unique and exclusive channel.

Go back to the host (a separate window) and use the generator to make an unique sound.

Do Not play notes in the same line, the plugin will shuffle them.

Be careful not to play a note before the Reset key is played! This will reset the note played and the keyboard.

Use keys in a combination with other modulations: (click on the poly foot pedal)


They are currently not editable.

If you want to change the default position of the key, select it in the host, right-click on it, select Lock and edit

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The plugin can be used on every MIDI channel (structure and output), also when you have only one MIDI channel for instruments and effects with several audio tracks.

The plugin can be used to change the pitch of all notes without effecting the original sound, it can be used for special effects like pitch bending, pitch shifting, pitch stretching or simply moving the pitch of all notes up or down.

For more information about the plugin:

What’s New in the?

The Reanimator is a granular pitch shifter plugin with subseguent stutter (slow repeats) and other effects. The plugin was inspired by audio he “reanimator” and uses the same machinery to create musical results.

The original Reanimator by Nihilface was always a favourite and the source of much inspiration. This plugin aims to be as close to the original idea and implementation, as possible. It is not an exact reproduction of the original plugin, but a replica of the concept, a concept which is, for the lack of a better term, “blasphemous” or “mockish”.

The Reanimator is mainly intended to be used for oldschool and harsh loop samples, 80’s or 90’s style house, but it has been successfully used for it’s ability to mutate and develop into anything you wish.

The Reanimator does have limitations and is not meant to be used for the sole purpose of mapping out a ride, this plugin was born from my desire to have a better mapping tool, so it is not just there to make all life easy.

This is an attempt at recreating the “original idea” as closely as possible and a tribute to a once great tool.

Huge thanks to Nihilface for the original concept and inspiration.

The plugin comes with 2 different folders in the root:

Pitchshifter contains the effects in a separate FX Rack, this is best used for individual patches as the effects are all over the place and hard to find.

Stutter/Repeater contains the effects in one FX Rack, this is best used for sequences or complete patterns as it is easy to modulate the different effects to obtain interesting results.

Sonograph contains a visualizer with colours, scales and everything you could need to modulate, control and alter the operation of the plugin.

Many thanks to Osin ( for the complete graphics package!

Any comments or improvements is very much appreciated and is welcome!

The version 1.0.0 may not work with some hosts, they may be able to fix this, but they are all free and not obligated to do anything about it.

The host must be running with at least 2x the plugin’s sample rate.

You can use the plugin for free for personal use, but not for commercial use.

Version 1.0.0 was uploaded to the website on 07/10/12.

Please make sure you have a look at the Requirements section to ensure you can use the plugin.

Please try to get in touch with the author if you have any issues and thanks for using this plugin!


NOTE: This plugin uses it’s own complete audio engine that is not included in any host and needs to be installed separately.


System Requirements For Reanimator:

Gamepad Controller (recommended)
HDTV (1080p preferred)
Mac OS X 10.9 or later with access to the Apple Developer Portal (recommended)
iPhone 5 or newer (iOS 8.1 or later) with access to the Apple Developer Portal (recommended)
iPad 2 or newer (iOS 8.1 or later) with access to the Apple Developer Portal (recommended)
iPod touch 5 or newer (iOS 8.1 or later) with access to the Apple Developer Portal (recommended)

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