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The SolarWinds SAN Monitor is a free tool developed to allow IT professionals to get the best performance out of their storage environments. Having this tool installed on all of your Linux servers and workstations gives you the ability to have a single dashboard that provides you a status report of your entire network.

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SolarWinds SAN Monitor
SolarWinds SAN Monitor is a nifty tool to help you monitor the health of your storage environments. If your storage area network (SAN) or storage area network array (SAN Array) is composed of a single server, SolarWinds SAN Monitor can still be useful to you.

SolarWinds SAN Monitor is a free tool developed to help you monitor the health of your SAN environment. The information that you get from SolarWinds SAN Monitor will give you insight into the various devices (e.g., controllers, RAID storage, and hard drives) as well as the overall performance of your entire network. Using this information you will be able to make better decisions about how to configure your SAN.

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SolarWinds SAN Monitor Crack + Serial Key

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SolarWinds SAN Monitor

SolarWinds SAN Monitor is a handy tool designed with the ability to monitor more than just network status and hard drive space. With SAN Monitor you can collect all of your SAN device health statistics, including:
• Number of Controllers
• Number of Disks
• Total RAW Capacity
• Array Performance
• Logical Unit Size
• Logical Unit RAID Type
• Logical Unit Performance
• Logical Unit Response Time
By utilizing two powerful yet easy-to-use interfaces, SolarWinds SAN Monitor is designed to be a fast, accurate and cost-effective way to monitor your SAN.
With SolarWinds SAN Monitor you can also perform:
• Forward Scan – Scan across devices, controllers, and arrays
• Backward Scan – Scan up to the array where the status was last updated
• Refresh – Update all current data
• Detailed CSV Export – Export CSV data to file for easy analysis
SolarWinds SAN Monitor includes comprehensive reports to help you identify device problems and determine the overall health of your environment. By identifying and tracking specific problems, you can identify possible causes, and take the appropriate actions to resolve them.
SolarWinds SAN Monitor Information:
Expert reviews and ratings

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What’s New in the?

SAN Monitor is a smart application designed to monitor the health of your SAN. It is integrated with the SolarWinds MSE Toolkit so that you can get deep visibility of your SAN including hard drive and network status. It also integrates with any of the SolarWinds products that monitor the Health of Windows Servers so you can get granular visibility of your SAN performance.

SolarWinds SAN Monitor is a handy tool designed with the ability to monitor more than just network status and hard drive space. With SAN Monitor you can collect all of your SAN device health statistics, including:

SAN Monitor v5.5 Feature Highlights:

With the addition of SolarWinds MSE, SAN Monitor has the power to alert you in a variety of situations including:

Windows Server Power Outages

Disk Space


Response Time

SSD Failure

Backup or Recovery

The new monitoring functions in SAN Monitor let you setup notification rules and thresholds for all of your SANs so you can get notified when a device experiences a problem.

With this new functionality you can monitor:

the number of Logical Units

Logical Unit Response Time

the total device capacity

the number of disks

the performance

the array mode and health of each disk

The new monitoring capabilities in SAN Monitor allow you to get visibility into your SAN devices and get notified when a problem occurs.

For those users who utilize the SolarWinds MSE Toolkit for Network Monitoring, this integration now allows you to also get visibility into the hardware of your SAN.

How to Install SolarWinds SAN Monitor:

Download the Installer below and then double-click to install.

Extract the contents of the zip archive to any folder on your computer.

Double-click on “STVM_Monitor.exe” in the extracted folder to start the installation.

Select a location to store the installation files and then click the “Next” button.

Select the option to keep the installer up-to-date and then click the “Next” button.

Enter the name you want to give the installation and then click the “Next” button.

You may need to allow elevation to start the installer. Click the “Run as Administrator” button if prompted.

Click the “Install” button to install the tool.

Once the installation is complete, you will see the “STVM_Monitor” icon in the “Applications” folder and on your desktop.

When the installation completes, you will see the following screen:

Click the “STVM_Monitor” icon on your desktop to start the application.

Start or Stop the service:

Windows Service Manager:

In Windows Server 2012 R2, you may need to click the “Server Manager” option under “Start” to access the

System Requirements For SolarWinds SAN Monitor:

1.60GHz CPU
1 GB video RAM
1024×768 display (VGA, SVGA or XGA)
7 GB available space
1.33GHz CPU
256 MB video RAM
800 MHz CPU
128 MB video RAM
640×480 display (VGA, SVGA or XGA

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