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For students of computer science and software development, this course is essential. Python for Developers takes readers on a tour of the language’s top features and shows how to use them effectively. With firsthand support from the original Python developers, this book clearly demonstrates how to use Python efficiently and in a way that is intuitive and simple to understand. Readers will learn how to maximize the productivity of Python programming and increase their skills in both programming and test automation. They will learn to write and debug code for all the major application areas of modern programming, including user interface, web, and server-side development; file and database management; and Web applications.

There’s no doubt it will become a classic among Python programmers, and a must-read for the next generation of Python programmers.

Python for Developers covers:

* Acquiring an understanding of Python’s origins and the value it brings to the process of programming
* Developing with Python, including the common idioms of the language and the best practices to maximize your productivity
* Customizing the Python language to ease your development needs
* Building Python application with the best tools for building user interfaces
* Using Python for web applications
* Developing for the ‘next generation’ with asynchronous programming, events, and plug-ins
* Extending Python with low-level C and C++ programming
* Debugging and error handling, and maintaining your Python software
* Tying it all together with unit testing and test-driven development

Table of contents


The Python Programming Environment and Python’s Roots

Python Basics

Lists, Dictionaries, Tuples, and Files

Basic Functions and Object-Oriented Programming

Built-in Data Types

Making Decisions

Boolean Evaluation

If Statement

Importing and Exporting Functions



Regular Expression


Packages and Modules


Classes and Objects

User-defined Classes

Subclasses and Inheritance

Metaclasses and Inheritance

User-defined Classes and Objects

Python and Computer Science

The Python Language

The Python Programming Environment






Python to the Rescue



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Does FCM have any effect on logcat and memory usage?

I tried to enable Firebase Cloud Messaging in my app with the GCM(Google Cloud Messaging) version 3.0.3, but I met the following problems.
Problem 1: FCM has no effect on logcat. I turned on the logcat without FCM but the app can still work normally.
Problem 2: FCM increases the memory usage. After enabling FCM, the app’s memory usage suddenly rises.
I am really confused whether I just get a simple GCM or FCM in the beginning.
Is FCM possible to turn off from the service configuration after I turned on it?


Firebase Cloud Messaging is not GCM. It is a Google service that is much simpler than GCM. You will most likely still need to use a Google service.
This means you might need to use something like Firebase Cloud Messaging.
However, it is possible to turn off FCM during testing.
From the FCM documentation:

Firebase Console / Developer Dashboard
Go to a Firebase project in the console
Select the settings icon () in the top right corner
Select APIS & auth from the menu
Select Cloud Messaging from the settings panel
Enable or disable Firebase Cloud Messaging

You should then be able to test this out while it’s disabled.

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