Cleansing from Water

It is narrated from Hazrat Imam Jafar-e-Sadiq a.s. that water is clean and pure until you know (for sure) it has become unclean1; and Imam a.s. further explained, that water which clean others cannot be cleaned from them, therefore when you do not observe any uncleanness in the available water, then use it for (Wuzu) ablution (or drink it if you like).

However, if you find something in the water that had made it impure (Najis) then do not use it for both ablution and drinking purposes, under desperate circumstances, you may drink that water but perform ‘Tayammum’2 instead of using it for ablution. However, if the quantity of the water is more that ‘one-Kur’ then you can drink it as well as make ablution with it regardless of discovering an impure element in it; unless the (impure element) has produced an odour in the water-if this is the case then do not drink it or make ablution with it.

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