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Active@ Disk Image Professional is a software tool whose purpose is to aid people in creating backups for their important information, and can also restore the created image.
Surprise-free install and clear-cut UI
The installation process does not present any kind of surprises, and it is over in a jiffy. After wrapping it up, you are brought to an interface which can only be described as simple. It encompasses a menu bar, several buttons and a panel where you can view information about each selected option.
It can be used with great ease by both beginners and experienced people, without encountering any type of issues.
Configure apps and secure all your data
First and foremost, you can create a backup disk image, with the help of a built-in wizard. This will enable you to recover your entire computer, including the operating system, installed apps and other files. This image can be saved on a CD, DVD, hard drive, external data drive or cloud solution. It is possible to split it into chucks, as well as compress and/or password-protect it.
You can create an identical copy of every sector from a logical partition (used or unused space) and save it as a raw disk image file.Active@ Disk Image Professional lets you explore images, schedule tasks and view logs.
Last but not least, you can verify images, so that you can be sure they can be read without errors, as well as restore or mount them.
All in all, Active@ Disk Image Professional proves to be a highly useful piece of software, when it comes to ensuring that all your data is safe. Help contents are provided and they happen to be quite well organized and extensive. The response time is good, the environment is intuitive, yet it is not so friendly to your computer’s performance.
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Active@ Disk Image Professional Crack License Key

Image and Disk Wizard

Support for several imaging formats

Imaging file size and compression

Support for splitting into chunks and locked images

Multi-threading support

Convenient multi-disk support

Support for creating Active@ Disk Image (APDI) container file

Usage-reports file (formatted as the standard format)


How do you unmount a volume?

You can unmount a volume by double-clicking the icon in the list or by pressing the UNMOUNT button. The volume becomes accessible again.

What’s the difference between Directly Mount a volume and Mount it in order?

Directly Mount a volume is an action that you can perform with this software. Mount it in order is a feature that can be performed with this software.

How can I mount a volume in order?

You can mount a volume in order by dragging the appropriate disk from the list into the window that appears.

What other features do you provide?

You can mount, unmount and modify the properties of volumes that you mount. You can also split a volume into chunks. You can automatically determine the name of a file to be created when you split a volume.

How can I write to a disk image?

Every disk image is located within its volume, which is located within a folder on the desktop. You can use your folder’s default writer to write to disk images.

How can I verify disk images?

You can verify disk images when you mount them. By default, all errors and warnings are displayed.

How can I change the default folder where Windows saves files?

You can modify the settings of your folders by right-clicking the folder name and selecting Properties.

What are the features that are not available in this software?

You cannot password-protect volumes, and you cannot activate disk images. You cannot split a volume. You cannot import or export file lists or image files. You cannot list partitions. You cannot edit disks or remove disks or modify their properties. You cannot change the system-image root partition. You cannot import ISO files.The invention generally relates to heaters that may be used to heat and infuse a patient’s body with heat or cold. More particularly, the invention relates to heater assemblies for heart probes that can incorporate a flexible heater element.
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Active@ Disk Image Professional Crack Keygen Free


Great interface, which is very clear in its appearance.









System Requirements


OS: Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7

CPU: Intel Pentium III 800 MHz or AMD Athlon XP 2000+

RAM: 128 MB

DirectX: 9.0

Hard Disk Space: 500 MB

Screen Resolution: 1024 x 768 or higher

Additional Notes: If the program does not appear in the list of programs in your start-up folder, check the following: 1. The products might be blocked by some security programs. To bypass this, the Administrator must go to the Control Panel and open the Add or Remove Programs applet, check the options and click OK. This will de-register Active@ Disk Image Professional from the list of blocked programs. 2. If your computer has a virus or is infected by a malicious program, the programs might not be listed in Start-up. To get around this, click the Start button, select All Programs and then click the Accessories folder. Click the Run program window and enter the path of the disk image you wish to restore in the search field. Click OK and the program will appear in the list of programs in your start-up folder.

Once you’ve made your selection, click Next to install Active@ Disk Image Professional.

The program should open and load. If it does not, access the Help contents and follow the instructions.

Choose the type of disk image you wish to create. The available choices include: Raw Disk Image, Active@ Image, Live DVD, Live CD, and USB Flash Drive.

Click the Close button to exit the configuration wizard.

Close all open programs.

Navigate to the folder where you saved the image file. Double-click it to start the program.

The image will appear in the main window. Click on Mount to mount the disk image.

Click Add Image on the main window. The image will be added to your library.

Exit the program and close all open programs.

Now, click on the Start button, open your Start Menu, and then select “My Computer”.

You should now see the disk image in the list of drives.

Click on the image and press Enter

What’s New In Active@ Disk Image Professional?

● Active@ Disk Image Professional allows you to backup and create system images, secure them using various encryption techniques, burn system images to CDs and DVDs, and restore the backed up data.
● Active@ Disk Image Professional is an excellent alternative to the freeware TestDisk and SuperDuper.
● Active@ Disk Image Professional is a useful tool, if you want to create protected CDs and DVDs, given the ease with which you can customize it for such a purpose.
● Active@ Disk Image Professional even allows you to upgrade the system partitions or create a new one on the empty space.
● With Active@ Disk Image Professional, you can even use it to copy the contents of a specific file or folder onto a CD or DVD.
● In addition, Active@ Disk Image Professional allows you to create backup disk images as well as burn them onto CDs or DVDs, as well as verify the validity of the image, among other features.
● Be sure that Active@ Disk Image Professional can split the image into chunks, in addition to the whole format (files, folders, apps), compress the image, encrypt it, and create a password.
● As mentioned before, Active@ Disk Image Professional can be used to create a new system partition, in addition to the current one. This allows the possibility of enhancing the storage of the current partition, and even changing the OS language.
● Additionally, Active@ Disk Image Professional can be used to restore the backed-up data, as well as verify the validity of the data.
● Active@ Disk Image Professional comes bundled with a wizard, which comes with several features, and is easy-to-use.
● It is also possible to view the history of the images, and to know the last time a backup was made.
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System Requirements For Active@ Disk Image Professional:

OS: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.66GHz or better
Memory: 2GB RAM
Graphics: DirectX 9-compatible graphics card
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Sound: DirectX-compatible sound card
Hard Drive: 15GB available space
Additional Notes:
Key Features:
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