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* Copy text, files, web pages and e-mails between computers!
* Copy from Internet, e-mail clients, databases, word processors and any text.
* Copy from Clipboard on a single computer.
* Copy to Clipboard on a single computer.
* Copy to Clipboard to a file or printer
* Copy to Clipboard to other e-mail addresses.
* You may also copy from or to network drives.
* Copy to a file on the desktop, or a network folder.
* Copy to a file, an e-mail or a printer.
* Copy to a network drive.
* Paste to a file or e-mail address.
* Paste to an image, web page, printer or clipboard.
* Paste to a network drive or another e-mail address.
* Paste to another application or another computer.
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Cannot understand how unit tests work

I have been reading a bit on unit testing in java lately and have come across the following example that I cannot seem to understand:
public class PriceCalculator implements Price {
public double calculate(double product, double quantity) {
double productDivided = product / quantity;
double unitPrice = productDivided * 1.01;
return unitPrice;

public class PriceCalculatorTest {
private final Price price;
public PriceCalculatorTest(Price price) {
this.price = price;
public double calculate(double product, double quantity) {
return price.calculate(product, quantity);
public void testPrice() {
assertTrue(price.calculate(7.5, 10) == price.calculate(7.5, 2));

public class PriceTest {
public static void main(String[] args) {

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– All data copied to clipboard is encrypted
– No other programs or malware are detected while copying data
– Speed of downloading is the fastest on the market
– No viruses or spyware found
– Multilingual
– Easy to use.

Klipper.PasteFromFiles Description:
– Quick and easy clipboard content retrival
– Add multiple files to one paste request
– Support automatic paste
– Select the type of content you want to paste (HTML, RTF, plain text etc.)
– Easy to use: you can paste by dragging and dropping the desired file

0Videos.ClipMacro Description:
– A small app designed for video clipboard contents from youtube, facebook, flickr etc.
– Preset a specific time and choose your favourite video source.
– Preset the text content to paste and it will be available in the list
– Use the text as html text
– Preset your keymacro text/url/image
– Support upload your video to youtube
– Automatically upload your youtube video in my album
– View your copied youtube video
– Copy youtube videos in the clipboard

TextClip.exe Description:
– Quick and easy clipboard content retrival
– Add multiple files to one paste request
– Support automatic paste
– Select the type of content you want to paste (HTML, RTF, plain text etc.)
– Easy to use: you can paste by dragging and dropping the desired file

IrfanView.ClipMacro Description:
– Copy images/videos/texts in the clipboard
– Select a folder
– Open your images and press “paste”
– All you paste is shown in the top panel
– Drag and drop to copy an image in IrfanView to paste
– Add multiple images in a folder
– Select a file
– Create a new image and paste it in IrfanView
– Works in Windows XP, Vista, 7
– Generates a new keymacro text/image/url

Gom Player Tool.Google.ClipMacro Description:
– Paste images/videos/texts from google
– Paste youtube/vimeo videos
– Paste images/videos/texts from Flickr/Instagram/YouCam/Vine/Snapchat
– Paste images/videos/texts from Dropbox
– Paste images/videos/texts from GDrive
– Paste images/videos/texts from

ASc Network Clipboard (LifeTime) Activation Code 2022 [New]

Capture Network Clipboard is a useful software that allows you to automatically copy any selected part of text, images, address, or files to your clipboard, which is also available to other computers on your local area network (LAN) if you have made sure to add the required port forwarding settings. You can also paste the information from clipboard to the text/image/address/files of another computer.

Export Range of Software packages and more! If you are a developer and do not want to wait for the submission of your software application for testing and certification, ExportRange is your solution. You do not have to spend any time and effort to test and certify your product or service. ExportRange does it all for you. ExportRange makes software testing a snap!

FileCleaner 4.5
FileCleaner 4.5 is a file cleanup and optimization software that can scan your disk and remove unwanted files and junk files to help you free up valuable space. It can even clean up “orphaned” files to make your computer run faster.

Save Battery Power 4.5
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– Ability to select the CPU to monitor: Intel P6, Intel P4, AMD K6, AMD K7, Intel PIII, Intel PII, AMD Athlon and Alpha CPUs.

– Ability to select the memory: DDR, DDR2, DDR3 and video memory.

– Ability to monitor multiple monitors: Yes, as many as you have on your computer.

– Ability to monitor multiple cards: Yes, as many as you have installed in your computer.

– Ability to monitor the hard drive: Yes, is can monitor both the real (physical) and logical hard drives.

– Ability to monitor the CPU fan: Yes, to display the CPU fan speed and the CPU temperature.

– Ability to monitor the CPU load: Yes, to monitor the CPU load.

– Ability to monitor the USB bus: Yes, to monitor the USB bus.

– Ability to monitor multiple USB devices: Yes, to monitor multiple USB devices.

– Ability to monitor multiple sound cards: Yes, to monitor multiple sound cards.

– Ability to monitor multiple

What’s New In?

A small, easy to use application that allows you to quickly copy files, text, images, adresses from one computer to other, without having to switch to the target machine.

How to use:
1) Download, install, run, and enjoy.

Please contact me with questions, ideas, etc.



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SQL Server COUNT (DISTINCT) – Returning ‘0’ when a column contains a NULL

I have this very simple query
tblUsers u
UserId = ‘abc’

I need to check if this query will return ‘0’ when the InvoiceId column has a NULL.


tblUsers u
UserId = ‘abc’

to be found, and the name is lost to the anonymity of the crowd. As the hour nears, the enjoyment among the crowd deepens, and as the clock strikes two, a ‘clang’ is heard across the square and an arch in the roof of the main building above begins to fade away. Suddenly, a single musical note is heard throughout the square, a lone violin, the last to leave the stage. As the last note fades away, the crowd begins to depart, slowly dispers

System Requirements For ASc Network Clipboard:

OS: Windows 7/8, 10/8.1
Processor: Intel® Core™ i3-530 Processor
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: DirectX 11 (via the hardware)
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Hard Drive: 600 MB of free space
DirectX: DirectX 9
Additional Notes: VST plug-ins from your host VST Plug-In folder need to be installed
Input Devices: Keyboard & Mouse
Video Card: Any Nvidia, ATI or AMD HD card (can be tested in

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