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As with the desktop version, the latest mobile and web versions of AutoCAD Crack Free Download include drawing, printing, and analysis functions. The mobile version is compatible with iOS and Android phones, while the web version, released in 2014, is available through Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari web browsers. The web version of AutoCAD features several improvements over the older desktop version, including the ability to perform simple edits with the mobile app (iOS and Android), the ability to access files on a user’s mobile device from the web app, and the ability to work in a collaborative environment with the web app and desktop app.


With the desktop version of AutoCAD, users can create drawings, design for construction or engineering, and edit drawings that have already been created. The desktop version of AutoCAD can be used in two different modes—designing, in which users can create drawings or parts for a project, or drafting, in which users can edit existing drawings and other types of documents. In addition, the user can save and open drawings directly from the desktop version. The desktop version also has a function to work in both the interactive and non-interactive modes, which allows users to work on a drawing that has not been opened. The desktop version can be used with both single and multiple documents. The desktop version of AutoCAD offers most of the basic drafting tools, such as arcs, circular and rectangular measurements, lines, circles, and polygons. The desktop version of AutoCAD includes several interactive tools, such as dimensions, corners, and scales. AutoCAD can be used to create shapes, create lines and polylines, measure, create labels, and copy and paste parts and blocks. The desktop version can be used with any file format (such as.DWG,.DWF,.DAE,.DXF,.DGN,.ASC,.PLY, and.STL).

The mobile version of AutoCAD can be used in one of two modes: drafting or analysis. In drafting mode, users can edit existing drawings and create new ones. In analysis mode, users can use the mobile app to perform several analysis functions, including drawing freehand, measuring, copying and pasting parts and blocks, creating dimensions, and editing text. The mobile version of AutoCAD also has several interactive tools that users can use in drafting mode, such as selecting features, drawing lines, and entering coordinates. The mobile version of AutoCAD can be used

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Allows an external program to communicate with AutoCAD in order to automate or customize the operation of AutoCAD. These include: AutoCAD Anywhere, which is a beta version of Microsoft Visual Studio and enables AutoCAD programs to be run from Microsoft Office programs, as well as AutoCAD Computer, which allows AutoCAD and other CAD programs to be integrated with other third-party programs.

Release history


Windows and Linux
AutoCAD LT (also referred to as AutoCAD LT 2017/2018) is a commercial Windows and Linux version of AutoCAD. It can be used for all types of engineering and architectural drawings and is supported by most of the AutoCAD extensions.

The latest version (AutoCAD LT 2018) was released in September 2017 and is the first product to be released from the Autodesk Apps release.

AutoCAD LT allows for simultaneous multi-user editing, whereby more than one user can draw and edit the same drawing. With multi-user editing, more than one user can edit the same drawing simultaneously. If one person edits the drawing and then another person draws over that part of the drawing, the changes will be invisible.

Autodesk Revit LT for AutoCAD LT allows AutoCAD LT users to create two-dimensional and three-dimensional models in AutoCAD LT and then import those into Revit LT and bring out the 3D drawings for use in other programs.

AutoCAD LT 2018 and AutoCAD LT 2019 were updated to support SketchUp LT 7.2 in November 2018.

AutoCAD LT 2020 added support for the AEC CAD suite.

Mac OS X version of AutoCAD LT is available as an upgrade from previous versions of AutoCAD LT. Mac OS X version of AutoCAD LT for AutoCAD LT 2020 is available as a standalone application (without AutoCAD LT 2017/2018).

Autodesk Revit LT for AutoCAD LT allows Revit users to import 2D/3D drawings created in AutoCAD LT.

AutoCAD LT for Linux was originally planned to be released in 2012, but in August 2011 Autodesk postponed the release.

AutoCAD LT for Linux is now available for installation and use on Linux machines running Ubuntu or Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

It includes support for Windows drawing formats and is supported by most of

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In Autodesk Autocad, click on the menu bar
Click on Document
Click on Save as…
Click on Select All

This will save the file on your disk.

Note: If you do not see the menu bar, then press the Alt + F keyboard combination.

Press on the keyboard combination CTRL + S
A copy of the file will be saved in a different directory.
Click on the file called (same as name of the first file)
The changes in the file will be automatically applied.

If there is no menu bar, then press Alt + F

In an application where the menu bar is not present.

Press on the keyboard combination CTRL + S

A copy of the file will be saved in a different directory.

Press on the keyboard combination Alt + F

The changes in the file will be automatically applied.


How to read data from WCF service

I am new to WCF and I would like to understand a bit better. I have a WCF service that I would like to access. My questions are:

How do I know how much data the service will be returning?
How do I keep track of what data it does return?


The WCF team has written a great blog post about WCF services and best practices. It’s called Building.NET Service Applications: An Introduction to WCF Services and was written by David Fowler.
If you are looking for a series of WCF videos, there is a great set on Channel 9 (also from the WCF team).


A simple solution is to use something like this:
public void ReadData()
TcpClient client = new TcpClient(“”);
TcpClient tcp = new TcpClient();
byte[] buffer = new byte[1024];
NetworkStream stream = client.GetStream();
stream.Read(buffer, 0, 1024);
//process the data from buffer
if (tcp!= null)

… just remember to add using System.Runtime.Remoting; in your code.
Hope it helps.

New York (CNN

What’s New in the AutoCAD?

(video: 1:15 min.) Create and manipulate BIM files using AutoCAD’s new Markup Assistant.

New Export Options for DWG/DWF and AI Objects.

Improved collaboration and content export options.

Free updates and support for AutoCAD for at least another three years.

What’s new in AutoCAD 2019

Application switching with Layout View.

Option to save AIX files in a single file.

Improved AutoCAD-specific VPN support.

New layer visibility option in the Layer Properties dialog box.

New dimension line weight and dash option.

Improved viewport export.

“Close” functionality in the Plotter window.

Improved project file display.

Ease of use with additional new menu options.

Other new features and bug fixes.

“New 2019 – Release Notes” page

What’s new in AutoCAD for Android

AutoCAD for Android adds many features for Android phone and tablet users. These include:

Design, view, and edit on the go with powerful editing tools.

CADPilot-based 3D sketching, which is convenient for designers on the go.

Comprehensive reporting and graphing tools.

Support for Google’s Cloud Print technology.

For developers, there are many new tools for quickly creating new templates, pre-defined workflows, and layouts.

Other features of AutoCAD for Android include:

AutoCAD’s new cloud-based file-storage system.

Content-addressed collaboration tools.

Updated Mobile Design tools for designing new layouts.

Changes in new 2019 release

The 2019 release brings AutoCAD mobile to the desktop.

Adding full AutoCAD mobile capabilities to the desktop, including the ability to design, view, and edit on mobile.

Expanding the library of AIA templates.

Improving mobile editing, including pan-and-zoom.

Adding AutoCAD 2019 support to Google Cloud Print.

Other updates and changes

AutoCAD 2019’s new cloud-based file-storage system.

AutoCAD 2019 introduces the concept of cloud-based file storage and “apps” (applications). When you save a drawing or model to the cloud, your

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

Windows Vista or later.
DirectX 9.
P.O.S.T. (Required to play at maximum quality).
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