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At a first glance, this product’s name may seem a bit strange as it is, but it actually has a rather simple explanation. This is because the company behind oops-easytrack (the same also provides the name with brackets) has set out to create a piece of software to aid users in their work and to provide them with the tools needed to make reporting very convenient.
Despite this, it should be mentioned that the application has a rather competent set of features, as this short article will reveal. With that in mind, a variety of functions are accessible, among them: track projects, upload components, generate issues, set milestones, close bugs, and change status, etc..
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It is a web-based bug tracking software that is available in two editions, namely a LAN-based one and a web-based one.

It should be mentioned that this piece of software is also available in the form of a Windows-based client that is free to use.
The main highlights of the product include its ability to manage, report on, modify, monitor, etc. bugs and bugs along with the modifications made to each of them.
Furthermore, it is applicable on Windows-based systems, thus allowing users to work in a Java-enabled environment.
When it comes to the specific features of this product, a few of them include the following:

View bugs from within the application

Keep track of changes

The product also provides bug-related reports, as well as a web-based interface with which users can specify the type of activity to be reported.


All in all, oops-easytrack is an excellent bug tracking software that is available as a web-based and a LAN-based version.
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Oops-easytrack Free License Key

oops-easytrack is a software utility designed to work as a bug-tracking system that is available in two different editions, namely a LAN-based version, which can be employed by users who want to turn to LAN connections in order to access the database server, and a web-based one, which can reach the central server via HTTP.
However, it is worth pointing out that, regardless of the edition you opt for, you should enjoy the same functionality.
As such, the piece of software should offer invaluable assistance when trying to handle administrative tasks involving users, projects, releases, components, etc.. Moreover, it should help you when adding new bugs or editing existing ones.
Aside from that, turning to search attributes in order to search for bugs is possible, as is the case of keeping track of all the modifications occurring due to a bug. And since we have touched upon the subject, it should be mentioned that generating reports is possible using oops-easytrack.
Regarding the contents of these reports, it should be mentioned that they offer details on the number of bugs along with other information on each bug status and entity.
As for how the owners of bugs and components are informed about a project’s progress, you may want to know that they are notified via email in case any changes arise.Sections


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What’s New In?

One of the most important features of this software is the fact that, at the main screen, you can display a field containing all the tasks you need to execute in the future, and this will help you to not fall behind.
Moreover, you can set up a priority attribute, so that the project manager will be informed about the project’s progress.
Speaking of the project manager, he or she is granted with permissions, which allow you to manage and update bugs.
When it comes to project creation, you can use oops-easytrack in order to create a new project and easily access it via the web browser.
Then, when you have to edit an existing project, you can employ oops-easytrack in order to edit the name, role, etc.. of the project manager.
Moreover, oops-easytrack comes with a bug assignee feature, so that you can grant permissions to users. And if you want to speed up the process, you can have these permissions be granted via email, so that you will be spared the labor of logging into the software in order to update them.
ops-easytrack has been developed by a team of dedicated developers, and they offer a Lifetime Free Upgrade policy, so that you will be granted access to the source code, manuals, and general documentation, as well as the help desk and the bug tracker itself.
All these various items will be available to you if you opt for the Home and Business editions.
When you opt for the Starter edition, you will enjoy all the main features, but without any of the extra items mentioned above.
You should note that you can access the software using any platform, such as a laptop, PC, or a mobile phone, or even a tablet.
When you want to keep track of all the bugs related to a particular project, oops-easytrack will most likely be the solution you need to employ.
The software is light, so you will not have to deal with a too bulky package that is taxing on your PC or mobile phone’s memory.
Furthermore, the software is able to track over 1,000 bugs with the click of a mouse, so you will not have to go through the tedious task of typing a long list of bug numbers.
As for the features, this project-tracking software offers you everything a developer may need: invoices, milestones, change logs, and extensive report generation.
It is also important to point out that

System Requirements For Oops-easytrack:

CPU: Intel Core i5-2400 (3.1 GHz)
HDD: 12 GB
OS: Windows 7/8/8.1/10
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[FFXIV-Mod] UBW x HPG (Version 0.5.0)


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