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VDTimer 1.0.3 Download 2022 [New]

This is a small utility designed to make video capture easier.
It’s main function is to provide the user with a simple tool to automatically schedule video captures. It will allow users to add, edit or remove timers, select the desired start / stop time (with year / month / day, as well as hour / minute / second information), add a comment for personal reference, and then save the settings to disk. It will also provide a small viewing window to view all of the timers. This allows the user to easily see which items are scheduled and the available information can be shown by using the “View” button.
The user can then simply select the “Start” button to start the schedule and the application will automatically record the specified time. The “Stop” button will stop the video capture process and the timer information will be saved to disk.
When the application is first opened, a window will provide a screen where the user can configure the various options.
This screen will also display the “Clear” button which will clear the display of all timers.
The “Exit” button will exit the application and save the current configuration to disk and reload it when you start the application again.
VDTimer Features:
• Add, Edit, and Remove Timers
• Customizable Timer Details
• Scheduling Options:
o Year / Month / Day / Hour / Minute / Second
• Optionally Add a Comment
• Timer Items Are Saved to Disk When Exiting
• Timer Items Are Reloaded on Application Startup
Note: VDTimer requires VirtualDub 2.0 or later.
This software includes materials developed with the support of the National Science Foundation under Grant No. 0546716.

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My Personal Thoughts

Do I Use It?

I’m pretty sure I’ve used VirtualDub’s capture feature. What I use it for? I’m not really sure – it’s just something I’ve gotten used to using. When I get a new video file, I’ll run VirtualDub’s capture mode with the “-screenshot” command. When my netbook breaks, or there’s a glitch in the video, I just grab a screenshot using a tool like Screenshot. I’m sure others will have other uses.


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Generate and add macros in VirtualDub. Read and modify the last macros saved from other virtualdub runs, and add new ones. Add an infinite loop which executes the macro continuously. Save the new or updated macros to a file with.vdbm extension.

Users who wish to automate their videos, as well as record macros from their videos. This app will allow them to easily record any range of time for future reference.

Its main uses are:
Automated videograms, scripts or macros creation
Executing video capture routines in a seamless loop
Record video snippets without input
Automatically start / stop certain captures
Creating multiple captures with different variables
Scheduling automatic video capture for a selected range of time
Saving and loading macros

Saving your macros
Most users will probably wish to save their macros or scripts which they use in their projects. With Keymacro, you can do this using a right click context menu or using the Macros/Save Macro button from the interface. The generated macro will be stored in the default folder of VirtualDub installation, or the folder where you chose to save it. For instance, in a recent installation of VirtualDub 6, the default folder for macro saving is the following:
If the user doesn’t save the generated macros to this folder, he will be prompted with a warning message, and the macros are saved in the default folder. The same applies to macros recorded in the editor window (so for instance, while recording a certain video sequence, the macros will be saved in the same folder).
To load a saved macro, simply select it in the Keymacro Interface. If the macro contains several sub-steps, you will be asked to provide the name of the macro.
You can also perform certain macro functions from Keymacro’s interface:
Make sure to press “Esc” to stop any recording in progress.
Check the details of a recorded macro by pressing “Shift+F2”, or if you wish to delete the entire macros by pressing “Delete”.
Change the macro’s default folder, by pressing the “New Macro Folder” button and enter a new location for the new folder.
Change the macros’ current folder by selecting it from the Macros/Folder field.

Scheduling macros

VDTimer 1.0.3 (LifeTime) Activation Code

This article introduces VDTimer, a very simple video capture utility. It provides an intuitive interface and the creation of multiple capture schedules. It’s main goal is to provide people with a useful tool to make their video capture and editing more efficient.
-= Introduction =-
To use VDTimer, just load the program by pressing the “Enter” key or clicking on the “VDTimer” icon on your desktop. The main interface will be shown.
-= Adding a new timer =-
After a few seconds, a simple timer interface will appear. By default, one will be able to use the hours, minutes, seconds and years (1900 / 2000) to set the start / stop times of a selected capture session. A preview of the selected time will also be provided.
The timer interface will allow you to add additional custom comments to easily identify the capture session. The comments will be saved by default and can be reloaded when starting a new session.
-= Creating a schedule =-
After a timer has been defined, one can add a new schedule by using the “Add schedule” button. This will allow you to create multiple capture schedules. You can then add as many time entries as you want.
-= Viewing the schedules =-
After creating a schedule, the associated timers will be displayed in a dedicated window. The name of each timer can be clicked and the various settings shown will be displayed. One can choose between the various available time fields:
* Hours: The selected time, from 1 to 23, can be altered.
* Minutes: The selected time, from 0 to 59, can be altered.
* Seconds: The selected time, from 0 to 59, can be altered.
* Years: 1900 / 2000.
* Comment: The associated comments can be displayed in this field.
-= Exiting VDTimer =-
When exiting VDTimer, the defined schedules are automatically saved to disk and loaded for the next session.
** Update version 1.3.0 **
Changed the default audio tracks, in order to comply with the Microsoft guidelines. Added “Audacity” and “CrossFeed Audio Converter” as new supported audio format. You can also set the default audio track for your capture sessions.
** Update version 1.2.0 **
Improved the time format for the “years” selection field. The “Add a new

What’s New in the VDTimer?

VDTimer is a VirtualDub scheduling utility.




System Requirements:

Windows XP (32-bit or 64-bit), Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 (32-bit or 64-bit) or Windows 10
Intel Pentium 4 3.0 GHz
or AMD Athlon X2 64 3.0 GHz
or Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz
or AMD Athlon 64 X2 3.0 GHz
or AMD Phenom X2 3.4 GHz
or Intel Core i5 M620 2.67 GHz
or AMD Phenom II


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